Polyamory, Tantra, and Sacred Sex Events

Tantra, Polyamory & Sacred Sex Parties, Events and workshops in San Diego & Worldwide, 2014:

  • Tantra Theater and Polyamory EventsRecurring Monthly Events:
  • 2nd Thursdays: Polyamory Potlucks~ 6:45p in SD
  • 3rd Thurs: Tantra Talks~6:45p
  • 3rd Thurs: “Poly Pillow Talk” Online ~12Noon PST Anywhere
  • Poly Palooza Oct. 9-13th Hotel Take-over in Desert Hotsprings!

Scroll down for special events. For details and tickets click on the “Register Now” button. Kamala Devi is also available to book for keynote speeches, appearances, weekend workshops and events.  Write Here for rates and availability.

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