Tantra, Polyamory, and Sacred Sex Events (ISTA Schedule)

Workshops, Retreats & Seminars in San Diego & Worldwide, 2017:

Tantra Theater and Polyamory Events1. Aug. 1-8: Angsbaka, SWEDEN
Tantra Festival FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/346895765684230/
Website: http://en.angsbacka.se/festivals/tantra-festival/


2. Aug. 9-16: Angsbaka, SWEDEN
ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience with Ohad Ezrahi, Stephanie & KamalaDevi! FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/346895765684230/ Website:

3. Aug 15-21st: Angsbaka SWEDEN
ISTA SSSex Level Two with Janine Ma Rae, Rex McCain & Eli Wilde https://www.facebook.com/events/1207754509292049/ Website:http://en.angsbacka.se/event/ista-level-2/

4. Sept. 13-16th: Northern CALIFORNIA 
Tantra Festival. Website: https://www.tantra-festival.com/ To get a 10% Discount enter code: “KamalaDevi 10”

5. Sept. 17-24th: Hye Sierra, CALIFORNIA 
ISTA Level 1 with Kamala Devi, Triambika Ma Vive, James Stevenson & Eugene Hedlund http://tantra-festival.com/ista/

6. Oct 23-24: NEW ENGLAND 
ISTA L1: Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience with Laurie Handlers, Frank Mondeose and KamalaDevi!
FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1851798495084854/

7. May 20- May 27th, 2018 PORTLAND
ISTA L1:  Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience with KamalaDevi, Raffaello Manacorda & Or Koren

8. Aug 31st- Sept 7, 2018 NEW YORK 
ISTA L1 Spiritual Shamanic Sexual Experience with Crystal Dawn, Frank Mondeose and KamalaDevi (Followed by an ISTA Tribal Gathering from the 7th to the 9th.) Website: https://neistatrainings.com/

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  • ISTA Boston Tantra
  • There are approx. 30 faculty members who’ve taught this course in approx. 30 countries around the world… For more trainings with other teachers go to: https://www.schooloftemplearts.org/

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