Polyamory, Tantra, and Sacred Sex Events

Workshops, Retreats & Seminars in San Diego & Worldwide, 2016:

Tantra Theater and Polyamory Events∞ Join KD’s 30 day Challenge. A virtual group coaching experience, Starting on the 1st of every Month!

Color your Calendar for 2017:

∞ March 3rd & 4th , 2017 Tantra Theater’s Virginity Lost Improvisation and Storytelling Show! Get Tickets for this Live performance here:  https://tantratheatervirginitylost.eventbrite.com

∞ May 22-28, 2017 PORTLAND ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience with Laurie Handlers, Soul Love & KamalaDevi http://sexualrenaissance.com/portland-or-registration/ISTA spain 2017

∞ July 2nd-9th, 2017 SPAIN ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience with Ohad Ezrahi & Dawn Cheri & KamalaDevi!FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1762218230771020/ Website: https://www.schooloftemplearts.org/Event/211/ista-sssex-level-1-spain

∞ Aug. 1-8, Angsbaka, SWEDEN Tantra Festival is ISTA Affiliated. FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/346895765684230/ Website: http://en.angsbacka.se/festivals/tantra-festival/


∞ Aug. 9-16, 2017 Angsbaka, SWEDEN ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience with Andrew Barns, Stephanie & KamalaDevi! FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/346895765684230/


∞ Aug 15-21st Angsbaka SWEDEN ISTA SSSex Level Two with Elaine Young, Rex McCain & Eli Wilde https://www.facebook.com/events/1207754509292049/


∞ Sept. 13-16th California Tantra Festival has been ISTA Affiliated in the past. Website: https://www.tantra-festival.com/


∞ Sept. 17-24th Save the Date for a Tantric Shamanic Retreat TBA


∞ Oct 23-24, 2017 NEW ENGLAND ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience with Laurie Handlers, Frank Mondeose and KamalaDevi! TBA

ISTA Boston Tantra


There are approx. 30 faculty members who’ve taught this course in approx. 30 countries around the world… For more trainings with other teachers go to: https://www.schooloftemplearts.org/

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