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My TEDx Talk transmits an essential message about how vital sex and love are to our full expression as human beings. It’s called “How Talking about your Sex Life can Spark a Social Revolution.” If this inspires you, take a tour through my website and blog to find other hidden treasures!

Kamala Devi in ice plantLet me support you in stopping the shame, loneliness & frustration of inauthentic relationships. Can you imagine creating human connection in an open and honest way, without going through all the relationship drama!? Whether you are single, married, dating or practicing polyamory, I am dedicated to helping you deepen your direct experience of love.

I am KamalaDevi, a lover, a mother, a sex mentor, author, and coach who’s been sharing about my open relationship lifestyle for over a decade on Showtime, Tyra Banks, Dr. Drew, Ricki Lake, Discovery, but most recently on my Bliss Blog!

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Dear KamalaDevi,
I signed up on your site and watched the 10 tips for sizzling sex. My estranged husband and I were going through a divorce, but we did all ten steps.  It was life changing. I had four (YES, 4!!) literal, amazing, very real orgasms. But most importantly, I connected. For the first time in my whole life, I wasn’t hung up on getting it over with or what I looked like or trying to make myself orgasm. It was natural and beautiful. I will probably forever pray blessings on you and your home as my husband and I  start to explore being whole and sharing that love and expression with others. Thank you,  Shelise Joy

Opening your heart can be dangerous. In order to avoid painful mistakes, it helps to have someone with wisdom and experience support you along your path. Let’s work together to re-design your love life in whatever way is best for you. If you are interested in my mentorship, here are my most popular offerings:

  • Beyond Monogamay— A six-week tele-course to liberate your love life.
  • Masters Course— A tele-course for sustaining multiple relationships.
  • Poly Palooza– A four-day festival for Free Lovers.
  • Love Leadership– A 9-month mentorship program for experienced teachers, healers and coaches. If interested please submit an application with Kali Das.

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