Seeking Transformational Event Producer / Online Marketer

armsAre you excited to use your business skills to make a real difference in people’s lives? I am an author, speaker and public figure who is hungry to awaken people not only in their head and hearts but all the way down…Yes, my spirituality includes sexuality, tantra, polyamory, kink as well as the subtle mysteries of universal consciousness! Read the rest →

Is Pleasure your Business? Sex Educator Mini-Mastermind with KamalaDevi & Monique Darling 10/8/16

monique-n-kd-ssKamalaDevi and Monique Darling are doing a one-day intensive for an intimate group of kick-ass sex educators and erotic entrepreneurs who make pleasure their business. We are lifting the curtain and teaching about the business behind being a Love leader.

Whether you are a sex educator, daka, dakini, erotic artist or healer, we are offering 6 hour mini-mastermind where we will put the pros on the hot seat to help them improve their career and business savvy, while working belly to belly with master mentors! Read the rest →

Postcard from my Wild Tantric Summer Vacation in Europe, Love KamalaDevi (Sept. 2016)

jealousy-is-art-kamaladeviI’m back from my wild tantric summer vacation in Sweden and the Chech Republic and here’s a postcard from my soul.

My heart is opening so wide, it feels inside out.

As a citizen of planet Earth, during this critical US presidential election, it I feel it’s important to to step out of my comfortable and privledged bubble to see the larger political and ecological picture. Read the rest →

Honoring Anya Shekinah as a Master Lover as she Transitions into the light!

Beyond being well known Tantric Priestess, Anya Shekinah was a multi-dimensional friend, lover and mentor. Here is my experience surrounding her Transition and a video Eulogy from her Beloved.  shekinah-priestess-circle memorial


There are only a handful of people in the world who I look up to as having more experience in tantra, polyamory, teaching, art and healing. Read the rest →

Relationship as a Spiritual Path: 3 min. Video about ISTA’s California Tantra Festival with KamalaDevi & Michael McClure

We’re delighted to be sharing several sweet gems about our Tantric Marriage…and to invite you to further the controversial conversation of how TANTRA meets POLYAMORY, Free Love, and Open Relationship at the upcoming California Tantra Festival. Join us and our beloved soul tribe: Rachel Rickards, Laurie Handlers, Eugene Hedlund, Shawn Roop, Monique Darling, Peter Peterson, Richard Bock, Cathleene Cienfuegos, Macaya Patrick McNally and many more!  Read the rest →