Seeking 100 Beta Testers for v2 90-Day Challenge!

v2 empathy memeI’ve been working with an awesome team
in creating an online coaching
course that has totally blown my mind!
It’s a meta-system, unlike anything
I’ve seen before, and it is still in development…

So we are inviting a select group of people
to join a free 90-day coaching program
that involves rewiring unconscious beliefs and behaviors, to become empowered in every aspect of your life! Read the rest →

Sahaja Yoga: My Sadhana

Sahaja YogaI was first introduced to the “Sahaja” Yoga sadhana eight years ago when backpacking through Europe and I stumbled upon a postcard of Guru Nirmala Devi which had unmistakable kundalini kriyas.

I walked several miles to meet her local cult in the city of Bath, and was introduced to the simple, natural meditation practice which I added to my very classic South Indian-style hatha practice. Read the rest →

What is Shamanism? And Sacred Sexual Healing?

Kamala Devi mask australia shamanWant to learn about shamanism? And what it has to do with sex? The book Sacred Sexual Healing, written by Baba Dez and Kamala Devi, provides insights, exercises, and knowledge in a clear, down-to-earth voice, which will help you get in touch with your own sacred sexual shaman, and discover incredible new experiences you never knew you were capable of. Read the rest →

Kamala Devi, Baba Dez and Charles Muir Will Be Headlining the 13th Annual ISTA Conference of Sexuality and Consciousness in San Diego

ISTA LogoFor the first time ever, the annual ISTA Conference of Sexuality and Consciousness will be held in San Diego, California.  Kamala Devi and Charles Muir will be headlining the event.

This is an exciting opportunity to meet like-minded people, expand your consciousness and knowledge, and learn about new tools and resources that will make your relationships and life more fulfilling. Read the rest →

Top 10 Ways Pole Dancing Is Like Polyamory by Roxanne DePalma

Roxanne Pole DancingPolyamory and pole dancing are two things that my girlfriend Roxanne is passionate about. During a regular Friday lovemaking date, I asked her “What are the similarities between Polyamory and Pole Dancing?” For us, lovemaking takes many forms (naked sunbathing, massage, Japanese rope bondage, threesomes, fantasy role play, processing,) but this is the first time that our creative chemistry produced a blog post. Read the rest →

Correction: New mp3 of Kamala Devi’s Top 10 Tantric Tips for free!

Kamala Devi and Ryan HarrisOoops! We sent out the wrong audio gift. If you are one of the many who took advantage of ordering the FREE Top 10 Tantric Tips to Spice Up Your Relationship mp3 download which I offered as a Valentine’s Day/Week gift, you were accidentally sent the wrong download! Read the rest →

Kamala Devi Reviews Innovative and Green Sex Toys that You Will Love!

My Secret Luxury Sex Toys I recently had the opportunity to test out some new and fun  sex toys and wanted to spread the word of the ones I liked the most. The reason I am happy to promote these sex toys and products in my Store (Go to “Sex Toys by My Secret Luxury.”) is because this company is deeply devoted to quality and has a number of ecological products! Read the rest →

Seeking Help for sex, love and relationship coaching training!

Master Relationship Coaches Kamala Devi & Scott Catamas

Scott Catamas and I are in more demand than we can personally handle! The planet is waking up and starting alternative relationships; as a result the business of relationship coaching  is booming and there is a growing need for radical, compassionate coaching in love, sex and relationship. Read the rest →