The Future of Relating In The Aquarian Age by Bruce Lyon

Future of relationships aquarianLearn 12 key integrations for those who want to grow beyond polyamory into healthy sovereign soul groups. Printed with Permission by Bruce Lyon.  ♥ Astrologically speaking we are on the cusp of a great age change from Pisces to Aquarius. This shift of energy is gradually transforming many areas of our lives including relationship. Read the rest →

ISTA Hawaii Tantra Festival & Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience, Jan. 2-13, 2016

KamalaDevi n Monique in HawaiiHow would you like to spend New Years with me and my family in Paradise!? We invite you to a festival with an international faculty of tantra, dance, yoga and music teachers on the Big Island. There are dozens of Sex and Consciousness Workshops throughout the festival at Kalani Honua Resort.   Read the rest →

Shameless Book Promotion: I yearn to be an Amazon Bestselling Author, Please help.

Sacred Slut SutrasI am confident about the merit of this heart-opening book. My soul has been singing to me for 3 years while I simply played secretary. No doubt it will crack open the crowns (and crotches) of thousands of readers. However, the trick to being a best seller is not about confidence, or the quality of the book, it’s about getting everyone to buy the damn thing on the same day.   Read the rest →

Sneak Peek of New Book: Polyamory Pearls (Sacred Slut Sutras Vol.2 )

Save the Date! KamalaDevi’s New book “Polyamory Pearls” is scheduled to Launch on Amazon this Valentines 2016. Here’s a Sneak Peek of the Back cover text and the Original Art. Subtitle: Subversive Wisdom on Open Relationship, Jealousy, Group sex and OPolyamory Pearls Cover Draft1ther Spiritual Pursuits. Read the rest →

A Letter from My Soul– With Love, KamalaDevi (Oct. 2015)

A month ago, I set out on a sexual shamanic pilgrimage to the holy city of Jerusalem. The result: A deep reclamation of my soul. If it sounds dramatic, it’s because it is. KamalaDevi Dead Sea

Since today is my first day back from Israel, it is too soon to say what the lasting affects will be, but as a perpetual work-in-progress, I am eager to share some of the shimmering gems I picked up along my path. Read the rest →

Sacred Sexual Healing Book will be Translated into Spanish & Portuguese, Pronto!

Sacred sexual healing spanish“Sacred Sexual Healing” by Baba Dez Nichols and KamalaDevi Será traducido en Español, muy pronto!”

Clara Gomez, who is on the team of badass translators with Dafne Marenco and the hero who has been managing this project Paulino Aparicio Martín-Orozco.  She says she’s “Been truly loving translating this gem of a book into my mother tongue. Read the rest →