I’m working on a sexy erotic Novel called “52 Fridays with My Bitch.”

It’s Springtime! What’s new?  Here’s my new writing declaration for the season: 52 Fridays with my Bitch- mock cover-1 I will hereby attempt to complete the first draft of my next novel within the next 7 weeks. I wrote the first 50K of this novel as a challenge in November of 2014, and after over a year of working on other projects (Sacred Sex Sutras, Poly Pearls) it’s time to pick her back up! Read the rest →

Update on the Phoenix Goddess Temple & Support for Mother Priestess Tracy Ellise (April 2016)

goddesstemple_allendouglas Please share this story as widely as possible, it’s the first compassionate snapshopt of Tracy Elise, since the Tantra Temples were Raided 4 years ago. This is a historic event and the world needs to hear our story: The Trouble With Sex: Why Phoenix Goddess Temple Founder Insists She’s a Priestess, Not a Prostitute By Miram Wasser, published in the PhoenixNewTimes.com Below I am re-posted important updates on the Phoenix Goddess Temple Case which is currently awaiting sentencing, and details on how you can donate or send postcards to support the Tantra Temples. Read the rest →

My Book Cover was censored by Amazon because of a Nipple! Help Me Chose NEW Erotic Art piece.

censored book cover sacred slut sutraI LOVE living in a free country. I celebrate my freedom of speech to the fullest extent possible. Admittedly, I even I like to push the edges. As a sex educator, performance artist, and author, I think it’s important to question the lines of appropriateness. Read the rest →