Take the 30 day challenge as a spiritual practice & “Stop Suffering!”

kamala devi does naked yoga Do you want to consciously shape your destiny? According to Mahatma Gandhi:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”

I first started challenging myself to monthlong challenges, not so much for personal growth but as a part of my spiritual discipline. Read the rest →

Help me maintain a beautiful state: A Letter from my Soul (January 2016)

Hello World!

Proof that Goddess Pele is Alive on the Volcano, Big Island, Hawai'i

Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes! Upon returning home from 2 spectacular weeks in Paradise, Michael and I found ourselves knee-deep in a family legal issue. As tempting as it is to raise awareness about the struggles of our alternative lifestyle, I will hold my rant until the case officially closes next month. Read the rest →

Holiday Gift: Sex, Desire, Intimacy Library: Limited Time offer for free videos and ebooks from top experts!

Happy Solstice, sexual exploreKamala Devi Amy Jo michael sail boatrs! Meet my dear friend AmyJo Goddard, she’s a sexual empowerment expert who has gathered an entire bundle of gifts that can light up your sexual energy so you can experience more sensuality and intimacy in 2016! Read the rest →

The Future of Relating In The Aquarian Age by Bruce Lyon

Future of relationships aquarianLearn 12 key integrations for those who want to grow beyond polyamory into healthy sovereign soul groups. Printed with Permission by Bruce Lyon.  ♥ Astrologically speaking we are on the cusp of a great age change from Pisces to Aquarius. This shift of energy is gradually transforming many areas of our lives including relationship. Read the rest →

ISTA Hawaii Tantra Festival & Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience, Jan. 2-13, 2016

KamalaDevi n Monique in HawaiiHow would you like to spend New Years with me and my family in Paradise!? We invite you to a festival with an international faculty of tantra, dance, yoga and music teachers on the Big Island. There are dozens of Sex and Consciousness Workshops throughout the festival at Kalani Honua Resort.   Read the rest →

Shameless Book Promotion: I yearn to be an Amazon Bestselling Author, Please help.

Sacred Slut SutrasI am confident about the merit of this heart-opening book. My soul has been singing to me for 3 years while I simply played secretary. No doubt it will crack open the crowns (and crotches) of thousands of readers. However, the trick to being a best seller is not about confidence, or the quality of the book, it’s about getting everyone to buy the damn thing on the same day.   Read the rest →