Day 1: Tantra Travel Video Blog with Kamala Devi and Family!

Here I am at the airport, departing for Istanbul onKamala Devi airport europe a pleasure vacation and bohemian writing retreat through Turkey, Portugal (Tamera), Spain, and Holland (Venwoude.) I invite you to join me in exploring the deep matters of my heart. Watch my new Video Blog where I talk a bit about my relationship to my “Sacred Wound” and wishe you a happy Summer Solstice! Read the rest →

Happy 4th Polyversary to my Beloved girlfriend Roxanne from Kamala Devi!

Dearest Roxanne,

There are 4 directions, 4 sacred11390293_10205328934675781_8027310963169292544_n elements, 4 seasons, and 4 full years that I’ve been passionately in love with you. In numerology, the #4 offers strength and stability, which we have in spades. In fact, if you count both our husbands, the 4 of us make a solid nucleus of an expanding “poly-cule” of lovers. Read the rest →

10 Commandments from PolyPalooza: Best Practices for ethical nonmonogamy or Open Relationship Part 2

I am stepping down from the mount, offering the 10 polyamory commandments at Poly Palooza. Last year I actually brought tablets, this year, I brought San Diego’s secret weapon, Daniel to the stage to have a deeper discussion.

Poly 10 commandments

Reid Mihalko: All hail! Read the rest →

Kamala Devi Reviews her Top 40 Awesome Experiences on her 40th Birthday.

kamala devi in pin stripe suit throwback

I was feeling reminiscent, so I called my Jewish grandmother in Beverly Hills who said, “Honey, 40 is nothing…I’m 96, you are not even half my age…, It was nice talking to you, dear, I’ve got to run, I don’t want to keep the bridge ladies waiting.”

I couldn’t bring myself to talk about how I remember when phone calls on the pay phone were 10cents, stamps were 20 and the chewy nutty goodness of a Milky Way was a whopping 49 cents. Read the rest →

“How to Not Get Fucked Up In Relationship” from PolyPalooza Part I: The Brain Chemistry of Love & Sex Addiction

Imaging a room full of lovers dancing freely to the loud speakers booming to Robert Palmers voice:

“Your heart sweats, your body shakes\ Another kiss is what it takes\ You can’t sleep, you can’t eat\ There’s no doubt, you’re in deep\ Your throat is tight, you can’t breathe\ Another kiss is all you need\ Ohh oohh…Might as well face it\ you’re addicted to love” Kamala Devi and ShivaKamala Devi introduces the guest speaker: The secret to success in Polyamory is having a community of friends and lovers there to see your brilliance and your blindspots. Read the rest →