On Writing, Editing and Rewriting, Audio interview with Kamala Devi & Dave Booda

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A dear friend and creative colleague, Dave Booda is launching a new online radio show about writing for artists called “Darken the Page.” It’s is advice he was given by one of his favorite authors, Steve Chandler.

Following is a free online podcast interview (audio download) for writers and artists about the writing process. Read the rest →

Polyamory Poetry: LOVE STORY by Amara Karuna

Amara poly poetry in hawaiiThere are too few love poems about polyamory! That’s why I’m delighted when I meet sisters and brothers who have a resonant world view and are willing to sing a different song. I recently stayed with Amara on a beautiful permaculture eco-farm on the big Island and fell in love with her artistry, her poly “ohana” or family, and her creative spirit! Read the rest →

A Tantric Birth Story by Kamala Devi

sunbathing Devin and Michael

3 days old, Sunbathing with his Daddy.

In honor of my son’s 8th birthday, today, I re-print his Birth Story:

Baby Devin Echo McClure was born 7 Lbs. 12. Oz. 21 inches on Jan. 13th 2007

For someone who’s never felt a birthing contraction, the closest thing I can compare it to is orgasm– except instead of producing pleasure, the sensation is anywhere between a light fluttering and an excruciating seizure–that lasts from 20 seconds to a couple of minutes. Read the rest →