“Write That Book!” A 5 Week Master Class with KamalaDevi McClure

Kamala Devi reading book.Dear Writer friends & lovers, (& soon-to-be authors!)

Writing can be lonely, frustrating, even crazy-making, but it can also be ecstatic, sublime and richly rewarding. Which side of the fountain pen are you on? How would you like to learn expert tools and tricks to constantly ride the ball point tip of of creation, instead of getting damned up under the pen cap? Read the rest →

Tantra Theater Presents: Virginity Lost! (Live show at the Diversionary March 3 & 4, 2017)

Virginity lost KamalaDevi's tantra theater Do your remember your first time? What affect did it have on your current sexual preferences and aversions?

Kamala Devi’s Tantra Theater will be exploring these questions with radical performance art and improvisational comedy for 2 Nights Only only at San Diego’s one and only LGBTQ Diversionary BLACK BOX Theater! Read the rest →

Seeking Extraordinary Virtual Assistant for Transformational Author/Speaker

armsAre you excited to use your business skills to make a real difference in people’s lives? I am an author, speaker and public figure who is hungry to awaken people not only in their head and hearts but all the way down…Yes, my spirituality includes sexuality, tantra, polyamory, kink as well as the subtle mysteries of universal consciousness! Read the rest →

2016 Year in Review: Top 10 Photos from KamalaDevi, Michael & Devin

Wishing you Even More Love, Freedom & Peace in 2017!

10-health-sweden-KamalaDeviWithout a doubt, this year has been characterized by ease. I’m enjoying new levels of pleasure while writing, traveling and mothering! As per my annual tradition, I wrote a year in review, by selecting my top 10 favorite photos from 2016 and adding juicy details in the photo captions.  Read the rest →

A Selfish Holiday gift…

     Time to do something for your own soul!  Now that the gift giving season is in full swing, it’s paramount that we buy gifts that are aligned with our own values AND be sure to value ourselves!  

tt7-confessions-kondor     Researchers found that we are most satisfied when we spend our money on things that enhance our experience such as sports equipment, games, and especially books!   Read the rest →

SPANISH Translation for Sacred Sexual Healing: Sanacion Sexual Sagrada is now available on Amazon!

Por Fin! After over 2 years in the making, I’m happy to announce that it is available on Amazon. Buy your copy and tell your spanish speaking friends about this life changing book:

sacred sex spanish book

Huge gratitude to my co-author: Baba Dez Nichols and our translation team: Paulino Aparicio Martín-Orozco, Dafne Marenco, & Clara Gómez Santos. Read the rest →