How to negotiate your relationship agreements before PolyPalooza!

Here is a magical relationship tip, it’s a 5 minute communication practice that I think EVERYBODY should know!


You can use this simple formula in ANY kind of relationship, to prevent conflict and negotiate relationship agreements in a quick, healthy and harmonious way. Read the rest →

Triple Goddess Photo Shoot with Polyamory Girlfriends: Kamala Devi, Roxanne and Summer


For my birthday, My boyfriend James bought me a polyamory goddess
photo shoot with my girlfriend Roxanne Depalma and her new girlfriend
Summer. Vixen is one of our favorite local artists, and we had a blast
taking these photos. Since most of these are too racy for Facebook, I
had fun creating a little art album on my blog. Read the rest →

Can a Party change your life? Poly Palooza is more than just a big sex party!

Watch this 5 minute video.

PolyPalooza changes lives

Despite the public perception that Kamala Devi’s events are all about sex, this personal video shares heartfelt stories about how people’s lives have been changed.  This event shows that we can learn through laughter and play as much as through hardship. Read the rest →

Free Virtual Event: How to Connect with Divine Guidance

Soul SpeakAugust 26 – September 2:  Learn how to connect with Divine Guidance plus honor your intuition and innate wisdom so you can thrive in every aspect of your daily life!

I am excited to be a part of this event which offers you a rare opportunity to peek into the minds of top spiritual leaders and expert coaches who are ready to share how you too can live connected to the Divine. Read the rest →

Top 10 ways PolyPalooza 2014 will be even better than last year!

This is Not Our First Rodeo!

As the visionary of a life-changing annual event, it is always a challenge to improve on the year before so that each year becomes the best year ever! After carefully reading your evaluations, here’s a list of 10 things that we will be doing differently at this 4 day festival for free lovers: PolyPalooza 2014ping pong roxanne and kamaladevi fix

Top 10 Changes to PolyPalooza 2014

10)  We have distilled the teacher line up to nationally recognized polyamory leaders, Kamala Devi is proud to be hosting relationship rockstars: Reid Mihalko, Diana Adams, Amy Jo Goddard! Read the rest →

Schedule Change: Sacred Snuggle Parties in San Diego are now only Seasonal!

Naked snuggle partyAfter seven consecutive years of community service, we will NO longer be holding Monthly Sacred Snuggle Parties. We have outgrown our current space and we need to find a new large location to hold Sacred Snuggle Parties  on a seasonal basis that are open to the community. Read the rest →