Beyond Monogamy

Beyond Monogamy Program

Society has a default setting for relationships, that we must break through if we are to experience the full expression of our heart. Beyond Monogamy was created to provide the training needed for you to try new practices which will allow you to fall in love again with yourself and your family of choice.

Dear Friends and Lovers,

Your heart is unique. You have your own dreams, desires, hurts, and hopes. But have you noticed how Hollywood, Disney, and Hallmark all seem to operate as if love is one size fits all?

Once you wake up from the fantasy of “happily-ever-after” and start to inquire what is beyond monogamy? Where do you go to talk about it? How are you going to redesigning your relationship?

Instead of stumbling blindly through heartache and headache, I hope you join me for an empowering hour-long free preview call that will help you see what it takes to redefine your relationships to fit the shape of your heart!

No matter what type of relationship you are in: single, married, dating, poly, open…

I’m offering a free preview call, where you will discover PRACTICAL tools for shifting your conditioned perspective and re-designing your relationships to let your heart lead.

You deserve to experience the love you desire.

In this first eye-opening preview teleclass, you’ll learn:

  • About a six-part system that takes you step-by-step through any phase of a relationship into a deeper experience of connection.
  • A critical lie about love that nobody talks about — The cost of not knowing this is huge!
  • How lovers can share from their hearts so problems clear up swiftly without unnecessary suffering.
  • How to break through past wounds so you can manifest a healthy new relationship.
  • One powerful metaphor to keep your love and romance alive — This shift will help you experience immediate connection.
  • Many more love, sex, and relationship tips, tools, insights, and info.

You will also receive a recording of the call so that you can review what you learned or share it with a lover!

I hope you take advantage of this special offer and enjoy!

Light and Love,
KamalaDevi McClure

Here's What Your Course Includes:

  • 6 hours of inspired instruction
  • 6 weekly downloads
  • Bonus Gifts:
    • Private Facebook Community!
    • Polyamory Roadmap: The Sacred Path of Poly
    • Self Assessment: A 100 point quiz to see if you have the essential qualities necessary to go Beyond Monogamy.
    • Ejaculation Control: Last Hours, Not Minutes! by Michael McClure

This 6-week course is self-directed, but the curriculum is broken into 6 parts. Here is what we’ll cover:

WEEK 1: Starting: Love is not what you think it is.

WEEK 2: Sustaining: A new paradigm for Jealousy

WEEK 3: Shifting: Exit strategies

WEEK 4: Speaking Up: Getting your needs met

WEEK 5: Sexuality: It’s not all about sex & social agreements of different subcultures

WEEK 6: Spirituality: Primary Relationship with Self & Relationship as a mirror