Does your Profession Include Conscious Sexuality?

Listen to a FREE Preview Call Where Kamala Devi and Tantra Master Charles Muir Will Share Answers to Your Intimate Questions About Best Business Practices for Sexual Energy Professionals

Kamala Devi & Charles Muir Erotic Way WeekendWe recently facilitated a FREE tele-call to answer all kinds of questions about how we have attracted sustainable abundance in our Tantra businesses.

This Erotic Way Weekend preview call is for you, if you are…

New or experienced at doing hands-on work, or are an erotic professional, yoga teacher, therapist, surrogate, sexological bodywork, Tantrika, domme, daka and dakini, sex coach or sexual healer.

In this revolutionary preview call you’ll learn:

  • The biggest mistakes most erotic entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them
  • One powerful sales and marketing tip that will save you time and money!
  • Advice on how to handle difficult clients
  • Why most Tantra teachers burn out and how to avoid it
  • You will also receive a recording of the call so that you can review what you learned or share it with others!

This is a rare and unique opportunity to study the secrets of abundant success from two recognized masters in the field!

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Watch this video and learn the single most important tip successful Erotic Entrepreneurs use to get even more clients

Join us September 26th, 27th & 28th for the Erotic Way Weekend with Kamala Devi & Charles Muir in San Diego
Kamala Devi and Charles Muir are offering you a direct experience of master level teachings that are usually only offered in their advanced teacher training courses

chasmuirgroupshotDear Erotic Entrepreneur,

Like most erotic energy professionals, I am on a long steep path towards self-discovery. In a society where “sex shame” is the norm, our journey is not easy, and seemingly never-ending. Fortunately, along the way, there are many healers and teachers and schools offering support from a wide range of disciplines.

Some Tantra teachers come from ancient lineages, some from an array of modern teachers, and others join the path from spontaneous awakenings and are completely self-directed. Of all the schools and mentors that I’ve found, the most grounded, successful and profound teachings have come from teachers who have worked with Charles Muir and Source School of Tantra. His 30 years of experience and contribution to the field of sacred sexuality has literally shaped the face of modern Tantra.

I had worked for over 10 years with dozens of top teachers, gurus and mentors (many of whom were personally trained by Charles Muir). But it wasn’t until I had the unique opportunity to work with him directly that my practice went to a whole new level of success and satisfaction.

Normally Charles Muir only teaches about the business of Tantra during his 10 day intensive Tantra Educator Certification Program, but since we are in a new era and the demand for more Tantra teachers is greater than ever, I somehow sweet-talked him into making these deep teachings available in a special co-creation with my Erotic Way course during a pioneering weekend in San Diego.

I hope you take advantage of this rare opportunity to study with myself and the father of western Tantra. Our promise is to gather as a tribe of sexual healers and transmit powerful and practical teachings that you can apply immediately to your business. This subject is very dear to both our hearts. Charles and I love weaving our teachings together and sharing openly with community.  Most of all, we promise you will come away energized, educated and empowered to magnetize the business of your dreams.

The world is ready to see you step up and share your light. We want to support you in being as professional and abundant as possible because we know that the time is now, and the student is ready.

Kamala Devi Signature

Kamala Devi
Sex & Relationship Coach

P.S. Since this is a first time experiment, we don’t know when or if we are going to offer it again!

Keli Lalita“Even though I’ve been giving Tantric healing sessions for a few years, I knew there was something I was missing. Charles Muir and Kamala Devi are the perfect duo to take my practice to the next level. They have the hands-on work and business mastery that’s needed to really make this a fulfilling and abundant path both spiritually and financially.”

Keli Lalita

Roxanne DePalma Tantrika“Being a Holistic Health Practitioner for over 17 years, the one thing missing from my practice was the ability to help others in, ‘sacred sexuality’. The professionalism, knowledge and variety that Charles Muir and Kamala Devi bring to the table is a powerful combination. With their hands on guidance, through workshops, classes and private sessions, they have helped me hone my sensitivity and intuition for a more full rounded practice. I HIGHLY recommend this course for those wishing to deepen there knowledge and confidence in working with others.”

Roxanne DePalma
Cathleene Cienfuegos Tantrika“I have done events in my community with so many teachers. I am a regular with Kamala Devi because not only does she offer deep knowledge and wisdom in her Tantra Teachings she is a role model with pristine integrity. She introduced me to Charles Muir, grandfather of Modern Tantra, a pioneer with elegance and wit. Being a new provider I can’t imagine putting the tender heartbeat of my practice into better hands. I plan on being way upgraded by this team at this workshop.”
Cathleene Cienfuegos

In this powerful weekend, you will Experience:

  • Hands on demo sessions and deep Q and A
  • Advancing Sacred Spot Massage® practice and awakening
  • Principles of running, discharging, and moving energy
  • An introduction to sex magic and transformative lovemaking
  • An empowerment puja to activate your Inner Guru
  • The support, inspiration, accountability and wisdom of these master
  • Tantra coaches as you optimize your natural gifts, and make your dream job a reality!

You will learn how to:

  • Integrate your work with your spiritual practice
  • Create a sacred temple and a safe container
  • Practice with integrity, boundaries and safe standards
  • Assess each individual to tailor the session to meet their unique needs
  • Draw upon an infinite source of healing for yourself and your clients
  • Let go of seekers that drain you so you can attract ideal clients that you love
  • Learn to get your ego out of the way and serve the goddess
  • The difference between practicing and teaching Tantra
  • Tons of business and marketing skills, tips and tools
  • Leverage your time and attract higher paying clients

So… if you are weaving Tantra teachings into your professional life, you don’t want to miss this powerful teacher training Weekend!

Thursday. September 26th 6:45-10p
Friday. September 27th 10am-7p
Saturday. September 28th 10am-7pm
(We will break for Lunch at 1pm)

Pacific Beach, San Diego

This is a live, hands-on interactive weekend training, designed to upgrade your ability to create an abundant and spiritually grounded Tantra practice!
What is not covered? We will not be teaching basic tantra techniques. A deep understanding of tantra and a daily practice for over 6 months is required. If you are interested in learning the foundations, please go to or

Kamala Devi and Charles Muir are teaming up to offer you this pioneering course, for the first time. We are committed to answer your deep questions and help you apply the teachings to your unique circumstances.

KamalaDeviHeadshotV1Kamala Devi is a sex relationship coach who has been featured on National press such as Showtime, Tyra Banks, and Fox Morning Show. She specializes in working with sex educators, massage therapists, erotic dancers, escorts, Dakas, Dakinis, and relationship coaches. She is the author of Sexual Healing and Teaching Tantra the EROTIC WAY and can totally transform your professional practice.

Kamala Devi

CharlesMuirCharles Muir is considered the originator and Pioneer of the Modern Tantra Movement in the United States. In 1980, he originated the Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving® format, Sacred Spot Massage, and many other inventive experiential exercises, which have become the cornerstones in the curriculum of most Tantra educators. His work has been featured in over fifty media articles, numerous radio and television appearances, including Oprah. Charles is quoted in over 125 books in print on Tantra. human sexuality, relationship, sex and Yoga.

Charles Muir offers a comprehensive Tantra instructor certification training program (also known as Mastery Courses). Our Certified Tantra Educator® (CTE) and Advanced Certified Tantra Educator® (ACTE) program consists of three levels of Tantra instructor training courses covering topics from advanced healing techniques to White Tantra meditation to teaching your own Tantra seminar.

Charles Muir

Join us for the Erotic Way Weekend!

Thursday September 26th 6:45PM – Saturday September 28th 7PM