My Erotic Novel ’52 Fridays’ is officially Available on Kindle!!!

Simon & Schuester just announced that my Erotic Novel: ’52 Fridays’ is NOW available in Ebook form. Printed hard copy is due on Sept. 8th 2020. 



You can purchase your Ebook copy here:…/…/1627783008

Back Cover:

A polyamorous theater director and her submissive student blur the line between role play and reality, during their kinky play dates. Read the rest →

The Future of Relating In The Aquarian Age by Bruce Lyon

Future of relationships aquarianLearn 12 key integrations for those who want to grow beyond polyamory into healthy sovereign soul groups. Printed with Permission by Bruce Lyon.  ♥ Astrologically speaking we are on the cusp of a great age change from Pisces to Aquarius. This shift of energy is gradually transforming many areas of our lives including relationship. Read the rest →

Life is a Laboratory: A Letter from my heart, Love KamalaDevi (September 2015)

Sacred Slut Sutras Mock Cover Kamala DeviDear Friend,

I spent most the month spitting in test tubes and tapping veins for LabCorp. Though I lean towards the shamanic belief that my PTSD is a caused by spiritual emergency, if there is an underlying physical trigger such as a mold, hormones or allergies, my crack team of naturopathic doctors are determined to find it. Read the rest →

“When the Master Meets his Muse” Poetry for Christy & Charles Muir’s Wedding

Charles Muir Wedding pronouncement

This original poem was inspired by Christy & Charles Muir.  I was honored to be sister-priestess-bridesmaid at their wedding on March 29th, 2015 with about 80 members of their tantra family. As the creator of the event where they met, Tantra-Palooza on 12-12-12, I wanted to immortalize the story of love at first sight. Read the rest →

Seeking Help for sex, love and relationship coaching training!

Master Relationship Coaches Kamala Devi & Scott Catamas

Scott Catamas and I are in more demand than we can personally handle! The planet is waking up and starting alternative relationships; as a result the business of relationship coaching  is booming and there is a growing need for radical, compassionate coaching in love, sex and relationship. Read the rest →

Featured in City Beat: San Diego activist advocates for polyamory

An interview with Josh Emerson Smith for City Beat Magazine’s Sex Issue: “How Kamala Devi Kicked Monogamy”


In the ’90s, when Kamala Devi graduated from Arizona State university, she was dating a woman and had been an active member of a women’s bisexual discussion group on campus. Read the rest →

Crash Course in Chakras from the New Edition of Kamala Devi’s Tantra Novel

Kamala Devi dances w clientTake an exciting ride through India in this mind blowing Tantra Novel about the ultimate personal growth journey, called: Don’t Drink the Punch. This steamy love story was originally channeled after Kamala Devi’s personal pilgrimage with a sacred sex guru to the source of Tantra. Read the rest →