Tantra Sutras on Jealousy, Kink, Life, Marriage, Motherhood, Polyamory, Sacred Sex and More!

Part II: Tantra Sutras for Winter Solstice 2014

kamala devi michaels birthday candlesKamala Devi designed these Tantra Sutras to disrupt our current constructs in order to unlock a more direct experience of life. Love is a miracle, spirituality is mystical, and sex naturally opens us to the mystery beyond both. Read the rest →

Featured in City Beat: San Diego activist advocates for polyamory

An interview with Josh Emerson Smith for City Beat Magazine’s Sex Issue: “How Kamala Devi Kicked Monogamy”


In the ’90s, when Kamala Devi graduated from Arizona State university, she was dating a woman and had been an active member of a women’s bisexual discussion group on campus. Read the rest →

Use Sex Magic to Infuse Your Orgasm with Intention to Manifest Your Life’s Purpose

The Shaman Method of Sex Magic book coverSex magic is a spiritual practice that uses sexual desire to manifest tangible effects in the physical world. One of the most powerful experiences that we have as human beings is orgasmic energy, and if we can pair it with intent, then we can direct the most powerful manifesting force available on earth. Read the rest →

Crash Course in Chakras from the New Edition of Kamala Devi’s Tantra Novel

Kamala Devi dances w clientTake an exciting ride through India in this mind blowing Tantra Novel about the ultimate personal growth journey, called: Don’t Drink the Punch. This steamy love story was originally channeled after Kamala Devi’s personal pilgrimage with a sacred sex guru to the source of Tantra. Read the rest →