2013 Year in Review: What’s behind the scenes & beyond two?

Happy New Years from the San Diego Polyamory Family!polyamory premiere party fix 2013 opened with a play, or rather an experiment in psychologic obsession. After one manic week of rehearsing, I midwifed Tantra Theater’s Surreal show.

In Feb, we traveled with our pod of lovers to Philly to lick the liberty bell (& keynote the Poly Living Conference.)

Michael’s step father Bob passed suddenly but sweetly after a heart surgery. Read the rest →

25 things you probably didn’t know about Jason Brett from the San Diego Polyamory Family

Jason polyamoryJason Brett was born and raised in San Diego California. After discovering his love for personal development Jason became obsessed with seeking his own truth and has spent the last 12 years delving into meditation, energy healing, tantra, and most forms of self-inquiry. Read the rest →

What Do Non Monogamous Ninjas Have To Do With an Instructional Polyamory DVD?

kamala devi ninja reidI’m proud to have produced the first instructional DVD on polyamory, with relationship rockstar, Reid Mihalko. You may be wondering why on the cover photo, we decided to hop in bed with Ninjas and use the title “Earning your BLACK BELT in relationships.” Here’s the true story of why we refer to ourselves as ethical ninjas as well as some fun details. Read the rest →