My Erotic Novel ’52 Fridays’ is officially Available on Kindle!!!

Simon & Schuester just announced that my Erotic Novel: ’52 Fridays’ is NOW available in Ebook form. Printed hard copy is due on Sept. 8th 2020. 



You can purchase your Ebook copy here:…/…/1627783008

Back Cover:

A polyamorous theater director and her submissive student blur the line between role play and reality, during their kinky play dates. Read the rest →

Showtime is not doing a Season 3 of Polyamory: Married & Dating. What’s happening with the San Diego Family in 2016

PolyPod Reunion at Graitutde Fan mail like this flood my inbox: “I’m completely  hooked and intrigued! When is season 3? I have searched the Internet and came up empty.”  ~~~ “I loved the show. Will there be a spin-off show?I don’t think you guys could come back from such a epic ending. Read the rest →

My Top 10 Favorite Books on Polyamory, Open Relationships and Ethical Non-Monogamy

It’s an understatement to say that navigating multiple open relationships can be challenging. Writing a book about it is even harder. Since I am currently launching a fun new bookSex-At-Dawn called Polyamory Pearls: Invaluable wisdom on Open Relationships, Jealousy, Group Sex and Other Spiritual Pursuits, I thought it would be helpful to recommend some of my favorite books on the subject. Read the rest →

Holiday Gift: Sex, Desire, Intimacy Library: Limited Time offer for free videos and ebooks from top experts!

Happy Solstice, sexual exploreKamala Devi Amy Jo michael sail boatrs! Meet my dear friend AmyJo Goddard, she’s a sexual empowerment expert who has gathered an entire bundle of gifts that can light up your sexual energy so you can experience more sensuality and intimacy in 2016! Read the rest →

Sneak Peek of New Book: Polyamory Pearls (Sacred Slut Sutras Vol.2 )

Save the Date! KamalaDevi’s New book “Polyamory Pearls” is scheduled to Launch on Amazon this Valentines 2016. Here’s a Sneak Peek of the Back cover text and the Original Art. Subtitle: Subversive Wisdom on Open Relationship, Jealousy, Group sex and OPolyamory Pearls Cover Draft1ther Spiritual Pursuits. Read the rest →

Life is a Laboratory: A Letter from my heart, Love KamalaDevi (September 2015)

Sacred Slut Sutras Mock Cover Kamala DeviDear Friend,

I spent most the month spitting in test tubes and tapping veins for LabCorp. Though I lean towards the shamanic belief that my PTSD is a caused by spiritual emergency, if there is an underlying physical trigger such as a mold, hormones or allergies, my crack team of naturopathic doctors are determined to find it. Read the rest →

Why Trainwreck is my new favorite movie of 2015. Film Review from a sex-positive perspective.

“In every group of girlfriends, there’s that one who is the sluttiest. If you don’t have that friend, then you’re that friend.” –Amy Schumer Trainwreck a sex positive movie review             

Who is this woman? I dragged my husband out of the hot tub and into the theaters on a Saturday night because I saw a movie trailer that opens with children chanting:

“Monogamy isn’t realistic, Monogamy isn’t realistic.”

That’s all I knew about the new movie “Trainwreck” Starring Amy Schumer, Bill Hader. Read the rest →

Is This Too Much Information? (Love from KamalaDevi Aug. 2015)

Correction: Oops…!  I wrote that I was “drinking in the mornings” and what I meant to say was “writing in the mornings, while drinking tea.” The original version of this newsletter was sent to 10K people…How embarrassing! Kamala Devi Make Love to Life header My friend died. Perhaps she was your friend too? Read the rest →

10 outrageous Love letters to my beloved Husband, Michael on his Birthday.

KamalaDevi n Michael in TurkeyWriting love letters can be a spiritual practice. At the Mystery school in Holland we learned that in order to approximate the immensity of outrageous love, we must wildly exaggerate our words, either through verbal appreciation, love letters, or little love notes. Read the rest →

Always a student, I find lessons about free love & polyamory everywhere (even in my Fan Mail)

Kamala Devi writing polyamoryI am sincerely touched by the thoughtful and thought provoking letters and comments that I get in response to my Polyamory activism.  I take time to personally read them every morning over tea, however, it is not humanly possible for me to respond while traveling, being a mother, maintaining multiple lovers and of course, working on my next new book. Read the rest →