Burning Man: A Wet and Lucid Dream … Revisited

Michael, Kamala Devi, Reid at Burning ManMy lovers and I are going to Burning Man again this year. I consider it pleasurable first-hand research to gather inspiration for our own festival;: PolyPalooza 2014.  Here is a fun account of a past Burning Man experience…

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Juicy January Invitations from Kamala Devi

1) A Love Note from My Heart 2) Save $100 on ZEGG Forum Facilitation TONIGHT 3) ATTENTION: Healers, Coaches, & Teachers…  4) New Dates: Tantra Talks/ Poly Potlucks & Sacred Snuggles

New Years at harbin sex magic

1) I’m still taking pleasure in…”Leaning into growing pains, with the community as our container, droping concepts of primary, non or plural, In search of something still unknown…

Yet, we are not the pioneers, It is LOVE that is leading us.”

Meanwhile, I’m directing my white HOT creative passion into new event curriculum. Read the rest →

10 Polyamory Rules, Commandments, or Best Practices from Beyond Monogamy

Thou shalt not covet another man’s wife?

Ever stop to think about what affect a Jealous God has on our cultural programing on Love?  What if the predominant social attitudes towards sex and relationship were not rooted in possession and control?   Read the rest →

Michael dawns a Sex Geek Tee Shirt on Polyamory TV series!

Here’s a quick shout out to friend, lover, mentor and relationship rockstar: Reid Mihalko who made the Sex Geek Tee-shirt Michael wears in Season 2, Episode 5 of Polyamory!

Later in this episode we see michael handle jealousy and a threesome with his wife and her new boyfriend.   Read the rest →

Top 10 Natural aphrodisiacs: Increase Your Sex Drive for Polyamory and Tantra

It’s no secret that I have an abundance of vital sexual energy and  I enjoy my naturally high sex drive.

Kamala Devi and Roxanne and Banana

I’m grateful that I’ve attracted a lot of polyamorous and tantric lovers who enjoy similarly healthy libidos. Here are some secrets to how we do it, and a personal list of my top 10 favorite aphrodisiacs that I will be offering at Poly Palooza!  Read the rest →