Sneak Peek of New Book: Polyamory Pearls (Sacred Slut Sutras Vol.2 )

Save the Date! KamalaDevi’s New book “Polyamory Pearls” is scheduled to Launch on Amazon this Valentines 2016. Here’s a Sneak Peek of the Back cover text and the Original Art. Subtitle: Subversive Wisdom on Open Relationship, Jealousy, Group sex and OPolyamory Pearls Cover Draft1ther Spiritual Pursuits. Read the rest →

A Scientist, a Yogi, a Tantra Teacher and a Polyamory Activist Answer Deep Questions on Sex, Love & What Is an Open Relationship!

Penetrating conversation is the ultimate turn on. Our mouths and words are meant to stimulate, heal and pleasure each other. If you missed the historic evening called, “Ask a Tantrika” here are the Highlights:

Ask a Tantrika & Polyamory Activist

Four thought leaders shared a panel to explore the naked truth about human sexuality and what is an open relationship. Read the rest →