Is This Too Much Information? (Love from KamalaDevi Aug. 2015)

Correction: Oops…!  I wrote that I was “drinking in the mornings” and what I meant to say was “writing in the mornings, while drinking tea.” The original version of this newsletter was sent to 10K people…How embarrassing! Kamala Devi Make Love to Life header My friend died. Perhaps she was your friend too? Read the rest →

Juicy January Invitations from Kamala Devi

1) A Love Note from My Heart 2) Save $100 on ZEGG Forum Facilitation TONIGHT 3) ATTENTION: Healers, Coaches, & Teachers…  4) New Dates: Tantra Talks/ Poly Potlucks & Sacred Snuggles

New Years at harbin sex magic

1) I’m still taking pleasure in…”Leaning into growing pains, with the community as our container, droping concepts of primary, non or plural, In search of something still unknown…

Yet, we are not the pioneers, It is LOVE that is leading us.”

Meanwhile, I’m directing my white HOT creative passion into new event curriculum. Read the rest →