2013 Year in Review: What’s behind the scenes & beyond two?

Happy New Years from the San Diego Polyamory Family!polyamory premiere party fix 2013 opened with a play, or rather an experiment in psychologic obsession. After one manic week of rehearsing, I midwifed Tantra Theater’s Surreal show.

In Feb, we traveled with our pod of lovers to Philly to lick the liberty bell (& keynote the Poly Living Conference.)

Michael’s step father Bob passed suddenly but sweetly after a heart surgery. Read the rest →

Announcing: Ejaculation Control: Last Hours, Not Minutes! by Michael McClure

2Michael-Surfboard-Compressed-e1340858839852-150x150The new book by Michael McClure, Ejaculation Control: Last Hours, Not Minutes!, is available for immediate PDF download in our Store.You will want to read this informative book if you are a man who wants to last longer in bed, you ejaculate prematurely, or perhaps you can last for hours in sex but occasionally you slip and ejaculate before you want to.  Read the rest →

Michael dawns a Sex Geek Tee Shirt on Polyamory TV series!

Here’s a quick shout out to friend, lover, mentor and relationship rockstar: Reid Mihalko who made the Sex Geek Tee-shirt Michael wears in Season 2, Episode 5 of Polyamory!

Later in this episode we see michael handle jealousy and a threesome with his wife and her new boyfriend.   Read the rest →