Quick Video for dealing with Jealousy in Polyamory

Kamala Devi Jealousy Master

The most common question that people ask me about polyamory is: How do you handle jealousy?

So, I made a brief video blog while traveling Europe with my poly lovers. (Yes, I am human and wrestle with jealousy a lot!) That’s why I offer a whole list of ways that I deal with jealousy–the green eyed beast! Read the rest →

Slideshow and Polyamory Teleconference with Reid Mihalko, Diana Adams & Kamala Devi!

Reid Mihalko, Diana Adams and Kamala Devi come together on this Polyamory tele-conference to answer even your hardest questions about…

…open relationships, jealousy, meeting poly people, scheduling, dealing with poly family. And Lots more. They’ll be teaching together LIVE at PolyPalooza a 4 day festival for Free Lovers. Read the rest →