Hear what people are saying about the Controversial Sacred Slut Sutras book by Kamala Devi

Here’s the word on the Street….Sacred Slut on the Streets

My new book has not only been censored by Amazon, but so have my reviews! Did you know that Amazon not only censors random books for being ‘offensive’ they also censors reviews from people they suspect know the author, this happened to me multiple times, and when I called to ask them what evidence they have that the reviewer is connected to me, they say they don’t have to provide evidence.  Read the rest →

My Book Cover was censored by Amazon because of a Nipple! Help Me Chose NEW Erotic Art piece.

censored book cover sacred slut sutraI LOVE living in a free country. I celebrate my freedom of speech to the fullest extent possible. Admittedly, I even I like to push the edges. As a sex educator, performance artist, and author, I think it’s important to question the lines of appropriateness. Read the rest →