Have You Gone Beyond Monogamy? And Are You Ready For The Advanced Teachings?

These teachings are not being taught anywhere else in the world!

This Beyond Monogamy Master Course Preview Call Recording is for YOU, if…

  • You are in an open marriage or committed relationship and want to share lovers with more ease and harmony
  • You are caught in a loop of arguing, bickering or processing about other lovers and want to experience more love!
  • You are happily living an open lifestyle, but need validation, tools and community to expand into even more fulfillment
  • You are in an asymmetrical relationships where one partner is pushing to move faster than the other(s)
  • You are interested in supporting or coaching others who are practicing open relationships

Dear Lovers & Friends,

Anyone who has tried some form of open relationship can tell you it takes a degree of mastery to make it work.

As a nationally recognized sex and relationship expert, I am not only navigating 10 successful long term love relationships, but I am coaching hundreds of families on how they can liberate their love lives.

Unfortunately, too many people try poly and end up making the same mistakes and getting stuck in the complexity as opposed to experiencing true intimacy. I want to share simple truths that will ensure more pleasure, and less unnecessary pain.

I transmitted these powerful tools and practices on my FREE Preview Call on Jan. 23rd. Sign up on this page to to access a free recording!

If you like what you hear on this first free preview call recording, you will want to join me for a 6 week Master Course of Beyond Monogamy. This is an advanced tele-series for people who want to experience more love and less pain.

To listen to the recording of this FREE Master Course Preview Call, simply fill out the form on this page with your first name and email. Once you do you’ll be given the recording on the next page!

Love & Light,
Kamala Devi
Sex & Relationship Coach

P.S. I want to be upfront with you … Think of this free call like a first date. It will be flirty, fun, and I promise I’ll go deep, and give you a nice take-home practice, but it may not completely satisfy your desire.

P.P.S. If you do end up wanting more, below the recording on the next page you can learn all about the new 6-week Master Course for liberating your love life!

In this first revolutionary preview class you’ll learn:

  • About a six part system that delivers you even deeper into a state of constant connection with your lover(s)
  • The biggest mistakes that people make in open relationships, and how to avoid them
  • How to handle the asymmetrical relationships where one partner is pushing to move faster than the other(s)
  • Many more love, sex and relationship tips, tools, insights and info
  • You will also receive a recording of the call so that you can review what you learned or share it with a lover!