One thought on “Showtime Polyamory Married and Dating split screen

  1. hey kamala! I’m new to poly and have a question. I recently moved in with my boyfriend and his wife. we are really enjoying eachothers company and they have a 5 year old son who I adore :) they really love the help I give them with him. The issue I want to discuss is Me and my girlfriend (my boyfriends wife) are very much in love with him. we care about eachother very much. and are attracted to eachother as well, but our hearts are with him. my question is do we all have to be “in love” I want to know ways when living together how we can get alone time with him without making the other feel left out. when I lived alone he would spend some night with just me and some with just her, the other times we were all three together which is why we decided that I just move in, but now it’s hard to have the alone time we want with him. any ideas?

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