We are making memories! Enjoy these Photos of the the San Diego Polyamory Pod with KamalaDevi, Michael McClure, Tahl Gruer, Jennifer Gold and Roxanne DePalma. Whether you are practicing polyamory, married, dating, single swinging, or don’t believe in labeling your relationships, we thank you for supporting our freedom to maintain multiple loving relationships and we hope you always have the freedom to love however you see fit!

Tantra Palooza Photo Gallery

Click on Photo to see a fun gallery of last year’s Tantra Palooza and learn how you can join us for 12-12-12

The 5th annual Tantra-Palooza Festival will be doing a whole retreat take over at a beautiful resort in Desert hot-springs for four nights with 12  tantra teachers! Mark your calendar for Dec. 12th to Sunday, Dec.16th.  Scroll down for fun pictures of last year’s life changing event. Photos include Roxanne, Michael, Triambika, Reid Mihalko, Francoise Ginsberg and More! Or click here to  Save your seat!

Season Finale Party for Showtime’s Polyamory Gallery

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The San Diego Cast  for Showtime’s Polyamory: Married and Dating docu-series held a wrap party at the Victory Theater Downtown with nearly 150 people including  the director, Natalia Garcia. We started off with live performance art with Tantra Theater and after viewing the final episode of the season, we held a juicy Question and Answer session. Enjoy these fun photos

Polyamory Season Premiere Party Gallery

Polyamory Married and Dating

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July 27th, 2012 Victory Theater Downtown San Diego the San Diego Polyamory Cast hosted a Viewing party which included the director, Natalia Garcia and Vanessa from the Riverside family. We watched the season Premire and did live performance and held a Question and Answer session afterwards.

Tantra Theater Polyamory Show Gallery

Tantra Theater Polyamory performance photos

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July 6 & 7, 2012 Tantra Theater does a live stage Polyamory Performance with San Diego Cast members, Shawn Roop, Adam Paulman, Cheri Reeder, Michael McClure, Roxanne DePalma, Jennifer Gold, Tahl Gruer, Viraja Prema. Directed by KamalaDevi!


Showtime’s Polyamory: Married and Dating Gallery

Polyamory Married and Dating Showtime Photos

Click Image To See More Polyamory Married and Dating Showtime Photos on set

On the set photos with San Diego Polyamory Family and Cast. Photo Credits to Lucas North, Property of Showtime. Polyamory: Married and Dating, Airing 11pm PST Summer 2012

San Diego Polyamory Pod having Fun Gallery

San Diego Polyamory Pod on Last Day

Click on image to see more San Diego Polyamory Pod Photos

2010-2012 Photos of friends and lovers making memories at tantra and polyamory events around San Diego. See more photos of our Polyamory pod here.

Events, Parties, Pujas, Potlucks, Workshops and Seminars

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KamalaDevi has been hosting events in San Diego for like-minded conscious community for over 10 years.  This collection of photos show a range of different types of sessions. Most people at sacred sexual gatherings tend to be camera shy because of the controversial nature of this work, but thank you for all the sex-positive people who were willing to be photographed.  We are revolutionaries for sexual liberation!  Please comment if you see yourself in a picture and tell us what you remember about the event!

KamalaDevi Media Photo Kit

Kamala Devi Sacred Sexuality book - Click for media kit photos

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For media inquiries and full access to our press releases about Polyamory featuring Sex and Relationship coach KamalaDevi, please contact us.


The Sacred Slut (KamalaDevi’s One Woman Show) Gallery:

Click on the Picture to see a Gallery of KamalaDevi in a variety of wigs and costumes embodying the many faces of the modern and ancient sacred prostitute.

Screw social taboos, question legal limits and defy religious assumptions. I go beyond sharing my personal sexual healing, and deliver you into the arms, onto the massage tables and bedrooms of my sacred sex mentors. I tell the story of 5 outrageous women who share turning points from their lives. Come learn about Veronica Monet, Amara Charles, Mare Simone, Tracy Elise and Annie Sprinkle. Past and present prostitutes, Tantra Teachers, Sex Surrogates, Mother Priestesses, and Porn Stars.





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