Talk back to your TV! Let’s bring Polyamory: Married & Dating back by writing Showtime.

Have you seen Polyamory: Married & Dating? Want Another season? Want it to be longer? Want a DVD box set? Please Tell Showtime what you think, Here!  

Showtime Polyamory Married & DatingShowtime’s Hit Docu-series Polyamory: Married & Dating is controversial and in order to continue, it needs your support! Read the rest →

Michael dawns a Sex Geek Tee Shirt on Polyamory TV series!

Here’s a quick shout out to friend, lover, mentor and relationship rockstar: Reid Mihalko who made the Sex Geek Tee-shirt Michael wears in Season 2, Episode 5 of Polyamory!

Later in this episode we see michael handle jealousy and a threesome with his wife and her new boyfriend.   Read the rest →

25 things you probably didn’t know about Jason Brett from the San Diego Polyamory Family

Jason polyamoryJason Brett was born and raised in San Diego California. After discovering his love for personal development Jason became obsessed with seeking his own truth and has spent the last 12 years delving into meditation, energy healing, tantra, and most forms of self-inquiry. Read the rest →

Photos from Showtime’s Polyamory: Married & Dating Season 2 Viewing Party in San Diego!

Showtime's Polyamory: Married & Dating Natalia Garcia Kamala DeviThe San Diego Family in Showtime’s Polyamory: Married and Dating Reality TV docu-series held a Viewing party at the Victory Theater. After screening the first 4 episodes of season 2, they offered a juicy Q & A with the director, creator, and producer: Natalia Garcia, Pictured on right with Kamala Devi. Read the rest →

Media Blackout! Can’t watch Showtime’s Polyamory with Time Warner Cable? 4 things you can do!

Did you get cut off from watching Season 2 of Polyamory: Married & Dating? You are not alone. Here are 4 things you can do about it!

Three Millions homes in Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and other areas can’t access their local CBS stations or Showtime due to a dispute over fees with Time Warner Cable. Read the rest →

In Response to Fan Mail and Other Q’s about Polyamory on Showtime: Married and Dating…

NOTE:  I am thrilled with the wonderful (and/or interesting) responses to the Polyamory on Showtime series.  Due to time constraints, this is the reply you will receive….


Dear Fans/Haters/Friends & Lovers

 Thanks for writing!  I hope you don’t mistake the impersonal nature of this letter for a lack of concern.  Read the rest →

How a Reality Show Altered My Reality: Top Ten Ways the Polyamory Series Changed my Life!

“It’s a wrap!” The first season of Showtime’s Polyamory Series: Married and Dating has aired and I’m reflecting on how the show impacted me personally, as well as society as a whole. I had fun creating a “top ten” list of how this series changed my life: 

#10 I now own a TV, subscribe to premium cable, and actually know how to work the DVR.  Read the rest →

Tips and Terms from Polyamory Series: Married and Dating Episode 3

“POLY LOVERS” is the name of this week’s show which offers a variety of rich lessons to improve our best practices in polyamory. Showtime’s polyamory series official episode guide reads: Couples who seek relationships with other lovers are the focus of this new docu- series…In this clip we see Michael give Kamala Devi his blessing before her date with Roxanne.  Read the rest →

Helpful Tips and Terms from Episode 2 of the Polyamorous Show Polyamory: Married and Dating

     Episode 2 of the polyamorous show Polyamory: Married and Dating introduces two important issues for people who are wanting to open their love life to Polyamory. First, the issue of New Relationship Energy, such as the hot honeymoon chemistry that I have with Roxanne (also known as NRE.) Second, the issue of inclusion. Read the rest →