Holiday Gift: Sex, Desire, Intimacy Library: Limited Time offer for free videos and ebooks from top experts!

Happy Solstice, sexual exploreKamala Devi Amy Jo michael sail boatrs! Meet my dear friend AmyJo Goddard, she’s a sexual empowerment expert who has gathered an entire bundle of gifts that can light up your sexual energy so you can experience more sensuality and intimacy in 2016! Read the rest →

ISTA Hawaii Tantra Festival & Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience, Jan. 2-13, 2016

KamalaDevi n Monique in HawaiiHow would you like to spend New Years with me and my family in Paradise!? We invite you to a festival with an international faculty of tantra, dance, yoga and music teachers on the Big Island. There are dozens of Sex and Consciousness Workshops throughout the festival at Kalani Honua Resort.   Read the rest →

Sneak Peek of Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires The Arts Of Love

Kamala Devi contributes to ecosexuality when nature inspires artInterested in the Ecosexuality Movement?

“Where we humans learn from the lover we all share [Earth] to love beyond genders, numbers, ages, races, orientations, origins, species, and biological realms to embrace all of life as a partner with important and enduring rights.”

No other book brings together so many aspects and voices as this new collection by SerenaGaia and Lindsay Hagamen.  Read the rest →

Burning Man: A Wet and Lucid Dream … Revisited

Michael, Kamala Devi, Reid at Burning ManMy lovers and I are going to Burning Man again this year. I consider it pleasurable first-hand research to gather inspiration for our own festival;: PolyPalooza 2014.  Here is a fun account of a past Burning Man experience…

Do not adjust your computer screen. Read the rest →

Schedule Change: Sacred Snuggle Parties in San Diego are now only Seasonal!

Naked snuggle partyAfter seven consecutive years of community service, we will NO longer be holding Monthly Sacred Snuggle Parties. We have outgrown our current space and we need to find a new large location to hold Sacred Snuggle Parties  on a seasonal basis that are open to the community. Read the rest →

Is Love and/or Sex Addiction Real? & “It’s not about sex” video

Is sex addicition real?Is love and/or sex addiction real? Or are they sick social constructs used by a sex-repressed and deprived culture to shame and control people who are having more pleasure than them? 

When I posted the above inquiry on Facebook, I was overwhelmed by so many thoughtful and controversial comments that I decided to continue the dialogue on my blog with you! Read the rest →

Kamala Devi Reviews Innovative and Green Sex Toys that You Will Love!

My Secret Luxury Sex Toys I recently had the opportunity to test out some new and fun  sex toys and wanted to spread the word of the ones I liked the most. The reason I am happy to promote these sex toys and products in my Store (Go to “Sex Toys by My Secret Luxury.”) is because this company is deeply devoted to quality and has a number of ecological products! Read the rest →

Book List for Sacred Sexuality, Sex Magic, Shamanism and Spirituality


A good book on sacred sexuality is like a friend or a teacher, and at different times in my journey some of these books have been my lovers. I hope, like me, you enjoy: feeling them, flirting with their ideas, sleeping with them under your pillow or seeing them on your nightstand and ultimately awakening to the truth that lies beyond the words. Read the rest →