A eulogy and apology, in memory of Mi Tia, La Loca, RIP

Una eulogy sinvergüenza.

I did not say goodbye. I did not go to her funeral. I did not even send flowers. When my aunt passed away, I didn’t do anything.  I was out of town for a wedding when my brother called and told Mi Tia Elvirame that she died in the hospital from diabetes-related health complications. Read the rest →

How to negotiate your relationship agreements before a sex party!

Here is a magical relationship tip, it’s a 5 minute communication practice that I think EVERYBODY should know!


You can use this simple formula in ANY kind of relationship, to prevent conflict and negotiate relationship agreements in a quick, healthy and harmonious way. Read the rest →

ZEGG Forum Rules & Guidelines for Building Polyamory Community

The ZEGG Forum is a community building communication tool which promotes transparency, empathy and mutual understanding. Here is how the San Diego Polyamory family is adapting the  Forum to use at the PolyPalooza festival for free lovers!

zegg forum w kamala devi free lovegermany

(Picture Above shows Kamala Devi and Michael McClure Teaching “Free Love– California Style, at ZEGG, Germany.) When used regularly, with a committed group, ZEGG Forum can be to reduce competition, triangulation, and judgment amongst lovers. Read the rest →

Slideshow and Polyamory Teleconference with Reid Mihalko, Diana Adams & Kamala Devi!

Reid Mihalko, Diana Adams and Kamala Devi come together on this Polyamory tele-conference to answer even your hardest questions about…

…open relationships, jealousy, meeting poly people, scheduling, dealing with poly family. And Lots more. They’ll be teaching together LIVE at PolyPalooza a 4 day festival for Free Lovers. Read the rest →