Free Live Event: How to Find Your Soulmate

Soulmate Mania

Throughout the month of August, the Soulmate Mania Summit will be in full swing.  Here you will be introduced to more than 21 savvy experts, including me, who share easy-to-understand proven techniques to attract and keep your soulmate with deep lasting love and sizzling spiritual sex! Read the rest →

Is Love and/or Sex Addiction Real? & “It’s not about sex” video

Is sex addicition real?Is love and/or sex addiction real? Or are they sick social constructs used by a sex-repressed and deprived culture to shame and control people who are having more pleasure than them? 

When I posted the above inquiry on Facebook, I was overwhelmed by so many thoughtful and controversial comments that I decided to continue the dialogue on my blog with you! Read the rest →

Love Leadership: 9-Month Mentorship & Mastermind Program with Kamala Devi

Attention: Sex & relationship authors, healers, and coaches who want to make a unique contribution to the field, have a breakthrough in business while building sex-positive community!

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If your life purpose is to awaken people’s sexuality and help transform their relationships, I salute you. Read the rest →