Private Sex & Relationship Coaching in San Diego, by Zoom or by Phone

KamalaDevi offers transformative phone and zoom sessions with artists, teachers, and healers around the world. In-person sessions are reserved for select women and couples in the San Diego area. If you want to schedule an initial session and experience profound transformation in one hour for $250, please email my assistant, Kali Das.

KamalaDevi specializes in these issues on the phone:

kamala devi phone coaching square

  • How to co-create the love life of your dreams.
  • Learn to ask for what you really want in sex.
  • Transform breakdowns into breakthroughs.
  • Find solutions for specific sexual concerns.
  • Ready for tantric guidance in your love life?
  • Best practices to opening your relationship, exploring polyamory, BDSM, and swinging.

KamalaDevi Sexual & Relationship Coaching covers:

  • Bringing more pleasure into a love life that has become numb or bored.
  • Negotiating sexual boundaries and/or relationship redefinition.
  • Balancing multiple relationships with threesomes, group sex, etc.
  • Enhancing intimacy, depth and relationship communication.
  • Expanding your orgasmic potential into whole body, multiple, energetic….
  • Healing sexual shame and trauma (this is not a substitute for therapy).
  • Learning new sexual skills and practices for oneself and partner(s).
  • Gaining confidence around body images or low sexual self-esteem.
  • Sex magic for manifesting your dreams and purpose.
  • Opening to new sexual experiences such as polyamory, bisexuality, kink, swinging, sex parties, toys….

Here is how Private Sessions work with KamalaDevi:

kamala devi sacred whore bed fxYour first step toward radical sexual liberation is to book an initial consultation where I’ll ask penetrating questions and, like a mirror, help you see your deepest desires and fears. Then I will offer powerful tools and clear guidance, so you get new results in the bedroom and beyond. This first hour can change your life, and there is no commitment to continue; but if I see the potential for total transformation, I will invite you to work with me for a minimum of 3 months.

In my decade of experience, I’ve learned doing one-off sessions don’t always work for the deeper issues. Since I’m devoted to making a lasting change, I ask you to make a commitment to at least one full season. Through ongoing practice we will transform your subconscious beliefs and habits.  I tend to work with my clients for a year before graduating them, and I have dozens of happy clients that I’ve worked with for many years.

Bliss Coaching Packages:

An initial one-hour consultation is a prerequisite for coaching packages. Your initial investment is $250 by phone. This consultation is like a first date where we will see if it is mutually-beneficial to continue working together.  Because I work on the deep matters of the heart (my work is fully guaranteed), I will not work with anyone unless I feel called to do so.

  • Bliss Coaching Package: 12 phone or Zoom sessions over approximately 90 day period (55 min sessions): $3,000
  • PLATINUM VIP Relationship Deep Dive: Private couples mentorship, half-day from 10a-2pm: $2,000
    DIAMOND VIP Relationship Deep Dive: Private couples mentorship, 2 half days or 1 full day intensive: $4,000

Donations and payments can be made here:

Private Tantra Sessions (for women only)

We may begin with an energy activation using breath, sound and movement.  After that is a powerful invocation and some intentions around what you want to learn, heal or shift during the session. All practices involve boundary setting before we move into deeper sacred sexual rituals.  The first session may be fully clothed and subsequent sessions are clothing optional, depending on the nature of the work that will take you to your growth edge. KamalaDevi offers coaching on a variety of rituals such as self-inquiry, chakra activation, yoni healing, self-pleasuring and the SHAMAN method of sex magic.

kamala_devi_in_yab_yum_sacred_sexCouples Sessions

The first session begins with a deep and intimate assessment of your relationship compatibility.  Using humor and unconditional love, KamalaDevi provides an outside objective perspective on underlying patterns in relationships. She can reflect issues that are at the root of your challenges, and know how to shift them towards a positive direction.

She uses proven, effective tools and strategies toward more satisfaction in sex, communication and overall balance in life.

Deeper sessions may introduce sacred sexual techniques, rituals, and hands-on demonstrations used to manifest more magic in the relationship.

KamalaDevi always approaches sex holistically before diving into technique.  Prerequisite: Initial Phone or Zoom session, or referral by past or current client. In-person sessions for couples must allow for a minimum of 2 hours.

Creativity Coaching (for artists, authors and aspiring writers)

KamalaDevi’s original “How to write a book in 90 days” course can be taught in private coaching sessions which can make any creative person’s career take off!  She can also coach or direct your one-wo/man show. Discover what your next steps should be as you move toward your final manuscript, publication or production. Get expert consultation on self-publishing, POD (print on demand), trade and/or e-book. For an extra month’s fee, you can hire KamalaDevi for a professional Book Critique. She will provide detailed sensitive, supportive, creative, and highly-professional feedback and tools to help you quickly and effectively turn your manuscript into a valuable published book. 3-month tele-sessions are suggested.

Tantra Teacher Training (for erotic entrepreneurs)

Sex Magic documentary behind the scenes

KamalaDevi offers a live, hands-on interactive training to learn new tools and techniques to create an abundant and spiritually-grounded Tantra practice.

She specializes in working with sex educators, massage therapists, erotic dancers, escorts, Dakas, Dakinis, and relationship coaches. She is the author of Teaching Tantra the EROTIC WAY and can totally transform your professional practice within 90 days.

Learn to teach and practice with integrity, boundaries, and safe standards and how to integrate your work with your spiritual practice. Let go of clients that drain you so you can attract ideal clients that you love. Learn to draw on an infinite source of curriculum. Experience the support, inspiration, accountability and wisdom of a master Tantra coach as you optimize your natural gifts, and make your dream job a reality. 3-month minimum package.

By Phone or Zoom anywhere in the world; In-Person sessions in San Diego.

All my sessions are uniquely designed around the issues you are working on. I holistically combine energy work, listening body empathy, motivational coaching, breathing, and Tantric philosophy to meet your needs and help you realize your sacred sexual potential. Directions will be sent upon confirmation.

Service Policies…

To schedule a private session please write us.

If your session is on the phone, please call at the exact time and prepare to connect for up to an hour without interruptions.

If the session is in person, wear comfortable clothes that make you feel beautiful, and dress in layers. Contact Kali Das for directions to a central San Diego location. Bring a journal and pen and an open mind.

Come prepared with a clear intention of what you want to get from the experience.

KamalaDevi requires a 24-hour notice if you’re going to cancel or reschedule a session. Otherwise you are expected to pay for her time.  KamalaDevi is in high demand and reserves the right to refuse anyone for any reason.

7 thoughts on “Private Sex & Relationship Coaching in San Diego, by Zoom or by Phone

  1. Kamala:

    I am a recently retired professional and believe that you may be able to help me. I am very interested in personal coaching about some sexual issues and fetishes that I have had my entire adult life. I need some understanding of how to deal with those in my marraige.

    For many decades, I remained single – hoping to find a woman who was compatable with those sexual needs and fetishes as well ascompatability and love in areas of my life, passions, attitudes and beliefs in daily life in the vanilla world. About five years ago, I met a woman I’d known 30 years earlier who seemed to share at least some of my sexual and other proclivities. We were married four years ago.

    However, either I misread her comments and signals about some of my sexual needs or she misunderstood what I said about them. Now, several years later, I find myself in a sexless marriage – the exact thing I dreaded. To my surprise, she turned out to be a real prude who thinks that sexual kinks are “disgusting.” The result is that I never discuss them anymore. I have been thinking of having an affair, something I never thought I’d ever consider while married to her. It’s complicated.

    Feelings of shame have kept me from ever discussing these issues with any conventional therapist I have seen over the years; nor have I ever been able to talk about such things with any male friend. Some years ago, I developed friendships with two women who I discovered were not only into the same kinks, but enjoyed being the ying to my yang with those desires and needs. However, I don’t know anyone with whom I can talk about this subject today and from whom I might seek advice and counsel. After reading your web pages, I I think you will understand those kinks and related issues and, hopefully, be able to teach me to communicate better, deal with the shame I feel in opening up to her and perhaps learning to experience sex with her in a manner that is enjoyable and fulfilling to both of us. It may be that the marriage just won’t work in that area and that I need to either look elsewhere or end the marraige (we’ve also got some other issues that are difficult to resolve). I’m not looking for a marriage counselor; we’ve already seen one several times over the past year. But I have never felt comfortable raising the sexual problems with that therapist or any others.

    Please let me know if you are willing to talk with me about my problem and coach me how I might deal with it in a more productive way.

    Thank you.

  2. Hello KamalaDevi,

    You were referred to me by Chalres Muir and Leah Alchin. My wife Valerie and I recently completed “The Art of Conscious Loving”. I am currently questioning my sexuality. I believe that my sexual nature may be Polyamourous. I am in conflict because my wife who I love dearly is not open to this way of being. My constant desire for a multi-partnered life is destroying our relationship. I am at a cross roads and do not know what to do. I do not want to loose Valerie and at the same time I want to be fulfilled. I tell my self there is no such thing as healthy long lasting poly relationships. I am looking for answers and insight into what the poly world is actually like> I need help in exploring how to decide if I will be happier in a poly life style or if its best to stay in the amazing relationship that I have. If this feels like something you can assist with please respond.

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  4. Hi Kamala,

    I am the new events organiser for the next ISTA conference in Byron Bay, would you like to receive some information on the upcoming event? (Feb 27th-March 1st 2015)
    If so please email me your email address.

    Thanks and love and light, Marion

  5. hello! I am Alfredo from Italy. I will be in Hawaii from dec 21 till jan 6. I would like to book an individual tantra workshop within those days. i have had some sessions in europe concerning yoni massage, g-spot, energetic touch…i would like to practice more and discover more .

  6. so, i know this might be a strange question but my girlfriend (for 6 years, we’re waiting until college is over) are wondering if you can answer a question for us. How does “squirting” happen? where does it come from? and how are some women able to do it, while others are not?
    -Thank you, Emily&Matt

  7. I have found myself in a polyamorous relationship and having a lot coming up. My fear is that a break-down between me and my partner might lead to a break-up.. I would like to remain deeply connected with this man. Also issues of self-worth and esteem need to be looked at. I do not make much money, but could use a session asap. I can probably afford $60-$100 per session if feasible. I totally understand if it’s not but I wanted to express my desire, and intuition to work with you.

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