25 Things you Probably Didn’t know about Roxanne DePalma

  1. Roxanne DePalma Polyamory Married or Dating star San DiegoI drive a Prius Hybrid.
  2. My hobby is people. I’ve taken it upon myself to study them intensely. The way they look, smell, feel, sound, taste, etc.
  3. I love to cook. I am vegan, eat organic and sometimes raw.
  4. I have a pole dancing studio in my living room, for fun and fitness.
  5. I used to be a Hardcore Classical Yogini for six years. 
  6. I teach a hot hip hop yoga class and an occasional naked yoga.
  7. I wear a tutu whenever I can get away with it.
  8. South Park is my guilty pleasure.
  9. I am head over heels in love with my boyfriend.
  10. I like watching people’s jaws drop and eyebrows raise when I make out with my girlfriend in public.
  11. My boyfriend and girlfriend together taste better than chocolate and peanut butter.
  12. My favorite poem is “Down there.” by Sandra Cisneros
  13. In a parallel universe I would be a high profile sacred prostitute/dominatrix.
  14. I was born at home on the kitchen table. 
  15. I used to eat real mud pies, made out of real mud, until they gave me worms. 
  16. My mother dated her sister’s ex husband and we lived with him for a year when I was ten. 
  17. If I had the time to write a book I would chronicle all my demented sex fantasies.
  18. I’m irresistibly attracted to gender bending.
  19. I often ask people are comfortable talking about their fetishes or bowel movements.
  20. When I was 18, I shaved my head– bald, and had the dentist make me a fake purple front tooth.
  21. I used to do eight hour meditations a few times a year, and when my legs would fall asleep, I’d just adjust.
  22. I don’t like wet hair in my face in the middle of hot yoga.
  23. I used to interview my first dates with two questions: 1) do you want kids, 2) do you like anal sex? If they were a yes to either of those, I would not be interested in a second date.
  24. I still have my tonsils.
  25. My favorite dessert is Raw chocolate salted coconut ice-cream.