25 Things you Probably Didn’t know about Jennifer Gold

  1. Jennifer Gold Polyamory Married or Dating San Diego podBecause of a traumatic experience at the age of 8, I don’t like red headed boys with freckles.
  2. For some reason I seem to always date people under age 30, but I am not a Cougar.
  3. My dream job is working with people with Down Syndrome.
  4. I like to name all of my pets after food.
  5. My Favorite TV shows are The Voice and Arrested Development.
  6. I LOVE rice pudding.
  7. I jumped in the ocean and swam with dolphins in Hawaii.
  8. I don’t like camping, unless I am high.
  9. I am really scared of spiders.
  10. I have a celebrity crush on Michael Cera.
  11. I think nerds are sexy.
  12. I hate the sound of people chewing. Hate it.
  13. I would rather stick a needle in my eye, than eat a pickle. Not really, but i just want to make it clear how much i dislike pickles.
  14. When I was young I secretly fantasized that I was adopted.
  15. My favorite book of all time is Stranger in a Strange Land.
  16. I cannot date someone if they don’t like the movie The Princess Bride.
  17. I came out as bisexual at age 18, but knew it since I was 12.
  18. I think people who speak multiple languages are sexy.
  19. I did a five week yoga course in India.
  20. I went on a Safari in Africa.
  21. I am most proud of my 10 year relationship with my husband.
  22. I am totally in love with my boyfriend (but I think everyone knows that).
  23. I have dyed my hair, blue, orange (on accident), platinum, raspberry, black and red.
  24. I have been in a Hunter movie of the week.
  25. I took one acting course, I was the worst one in the class and I dropped out.

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Jennifer Gold Bio:
Jen has been married to her husband Tahl for eight years, and has been practicing polyamory for 3. She is currently living with married couple, Michael and KamalaDevi. While she’s committed to polyamory, Jen’s family struggles to accept her choices. Jen has worked in the jewelry business for 10 years, also has 13 years experience in Sales, Iyengar Yoga Instructor, Performance Artist, and avid salsa dancer. She is a star on Showtime’s new docu-series Polyamory: Married and Dating.