25 Things you Probably Didn’t Know About Michael McClure

  1. Michael McClure polyamory husbandAs a kid, I had a wild duck for a pet.
  2. I built the world’s largest water rocket and launched it at a hot springs in Mexico.
  3. The wildest sex I ever had was with a woman I did not see or speak with until after the lights went on.
  4. I ran a marathon with minimal training after partying until 2 am the night before.
  5. I graduated from high school in Coronado, California and Stockholm, Sweden.
  6. My greatest accomplishment as a competitive springboard diver was being beaten badly by Greg Louganis in college.
  7. I had sex with the most famous belly dancer in Turkey.
  8. I invented and patented a privacy fence.
  9. I am straight, but sometimes wish I was gay.
  10. I climbed above Everest Base camp hunting Yeti in the Himalayas.
  11. In my early days of real estate, I owned 10 apartment buildings and then lost them when the market crashed.
  12. While escaping from the police on a moped thru the jungle in Thailand, I got Denge Fever, and survived.
  13. I skied off the roof of the Mammoth Inn.
  14. During my first visit to a sex club, my girlfriend had sex with 10 guys while I distributed condoms.
  15. I lifted off from Thailand at the exact instant that the great 2005 earthquake of Banda Aceh hit and we flew over  the tsunami.
  16. I was the first man to put Reid Mihalko’s cock into a woman’s mouth.
  17. I played the guitar for over ten years before I started writing songs and singing in public.
  18. I get younger looking each year.
  19. I worked as a sous chef a French hotel during a surf trip in the south of France.
  20. I identified the King of Sweden from his face on a coin and shook his hand.
  21. I jumped out of a 3rd story window in my sleep and am lucky to be alive.
  22. I traveled the Amazon and studied a rare catfish that swims up the human urethra.
  23. I once went fishing for lightning.
  24. I got rid of contact lenses and got his vision to 20/20 using shamanic healing.
  25. I love Spontaneous sex.

Michael McClure is a stand-up comedian, musician, actor and a co-founder of TantraTheater and PolyPalooza, for free lovers. His family stars in Showtime’s hit docu-series, Polyamory: Married and Dating and he’s been featured on Ricki Lake, Dr. Drew, Tyra Banks and the award-winning documentary Sex Magic. He has over 20 years of experience in Tantra and polyamory. He is a spokesman for honesty, sex positive communication and safe sex. A lifetime surfer and athlete, he leads men’s groups and can be found at http://www.TantraTheater.TV Follow Michael on twitter at: http://www.polyamorymichael.com/