25 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Devin Echo McClure

  1. Jen came with me to pick up Devin (age 5) from pre-school and he was soo excited as he ran into Jen’s arms and announced to his teacher: “My mom brought Jen, This is my real mom, Kamala, and this is Jen. Jen is my…I don’t know what she is, but I love her!
  2. Devin and I were painting the sidewalk in front of our house. He drew a snake and I wrote “HAPPY NEW YEAR,” when finished he says..Mom, why don’t you write SAD NEW YEAR too?
  3. Devin will be 4 years old, tomorrow! I asked the obligatory question of what he wanted to do when he grows up, to which he says, “Someday, we will sit by the fire together and sip tea.”
  4. Devin: “Lick your lips, mom.”
    Me: “Why?”
    Devin: “They’re dry.”
    Me: “I know, I need chapstick.”
    Devin: “If we don’t have any, I’ll lick them for you.”
  5. Devin: “Mom I can’t breathe when there’s no air.”
    Mom: “Me neither, honey.”
    Devin: “That makes us special.”
    Mom: “Actually, nobody in the world can breathe if there’s no air.”
    Devin: “Then everybody in the world is special.”
    Mom: “Yes, dear. That’s right.”
  6. When asked what he wanted to be when he grows up, Devin (age 5) says: “Everything, like my dad.”
  7. During our bedtime ritual, I told Devin (3) that we are all God, we just forget sometimes and Devin asked “why?” I said, “I don’t know.” Then he thought about it and said, “I’m not a god because I don’t have wings.”
  8. Riding home from the beach my son Devin (3) kept turning back and looking at the sky…”Mom, Why’s the moon chasing my tricycle?”
  9. I spent the day with Devin (3) hanging out at a nursery, playing with tractors and eating ice cream. Devin said, “I miss my dad. But you can pretend to be him. I can call you papa Kamala.”
  10. I took Devin (3) to the polling booth and he says: “Mamma, I’ll sit here on these chairs and eat raisins while you save the sky from falling.”
  11. Devin (4): “Jesus Christ is just like Bob the Builder because they both make cabinets.”
  12. Devin (4): “Ouch. Mom, Next time I feed you something can you wait until I pull my fingers out of your mouth before you bite down?”
  13. On the way to pre-school, Devin stuck his head out the window and says: “I’m so glad there is stuff on this planet. It would be so boring if there was nothing here to play with.”
  14. Devin (4) got fruit from his Trick-or-Treat bag and says: “Sometimes red apples have yellow in them, and it makes them look like an explosion!”
  15. Devin: “I know what’s really inside every church.”
    Mom: “You do? How do you know?”
    Devin: “Because I’m a kid, and all kids know about church.”
    Mom: “Tell me, what’s really inside?”
    Devin: “Boring stuff.”
    Mom. “Oh.”
  16. Devin: “Mom, next month is my birthday and I want you to bake me a cake. This time I want you to make the outside brown so it looks like the earth and we can put animals on it like worms and snails and other bugs.”
    Me: “Where did you get that idea?”
    Devin: “I thought it up myself. It’s a great idea, I’ve been thinking about it for a whole year, since my last birthday.”
  17. Devin drew a picture of a cake for Jen’s birthday and asked her, “How old are you?” When she tells him he says “:Woah. That’s too many candles, I’m going to draw five instead.” And then when he’s finished he says: “Here Jen, It’s gluten free!”
  18. I put grapes in his lunch and he says, “Did you know grape rhymes with crepe and tape?”
  19. Me: “Hey Devin, if I lift you up, you can pick that plum.”
    Devin: “It’s kinda hard. It doesn’t look ripe.”
    Me: “It’s a cherry plum, it’s supposed to be small.”
    Devin takes a big bite and with squinty eyes says: “Mom, I love you–even if you give me sour plums.”
  20. After getting stung by a bee, Devin (5) says: “I don’t want to be a marine biologist anymore.”
    Michael: “Why Not?”
    Devin: “I want to be a Zoologist because they study up on EVERYTHING, even animals that are not in the Zoo.”
  21. Michael is teaching Devin about Volcanoes: “…and did you know that Mount Krakatoa made the loudest explosion in history. It made a sound so loud that it went around the earth, and everyone heard it.”
    Devin (5) : “I didn’t hear it.”
    Michael: “You were not born yet.”
    Devin: “So the dead people and the unborn people didn’t hear it, and neither did the deaf people because they can’t hear anything.”
  22. Tucking Devin (5) in to bed last night I say: “Sweet Dreams, Darlin’.”
    Devin: “I have a whole box of dreams some of them are good, but some of them are nightmares. Don’t worry, whichever one I pick, I’m going to be OK.”
    Mom: Speechless kiss on the forehead.
  23. Devin’s grandmother picks him up from school and says: “Someday, when you get bigger you can drive me around!”
    To which Devin (5) says: “And when you get smaller, you can ride around in my car seat.”
  24. Devin (5) says: “I used to think trees were animals, but now I know they are living beings.”
  25. Devin woke me up by throwing a pillowcase in my face and said, “Mom, I took all the wrappers off your pillows when you were asleep.”

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  1. Your son is so bright and lively. People like him make me smile because they remind me that some of us lived lives before and it can shine through in our current lives. =)

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