How’s your staycation? Join me and One World Tantra Festival Online!

tantra festival, kamaladevi mcclureFriends & Lovers,

I’m leading a PANSEXUAL SOUL PLAY workshop and Wild Love Laboratory for One World Tantra Festival online June 1st-June 7th!
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I would love to play with you next week…check it out!!!

Wild Love Laboratory

Unfortunately, too many people who try poly, open relationships, and other
forms of non-monogamy often end up making the same mistakes and find  their heart contracting instead of expanding into ecstatic communion.  The root cause of their suffering usually stems from the basic human pull for seemingly contradictory needs: security and freedom. If you’ve ever experienced an asymmetrical relationship where one partner is pushing to move faster than the other(s) then it’s time to lean into a deeper, wider source of love.

I’m excited to share new insights from over 20 years experimenting in non conventional relationships and open marriage. I’ve found simple truths that will ensure more pleasure, and less pain and more playful processing.

In this Playshop you will get:

A toolbox with tips, techniques, and rituals you can practice in life
and the bedroom.
How to find your true erotic nature, and abandon it for nothing!
You will un-learn and de-program cultural conditioning that no longer fits you.
Communication tools to help meet your needs and express your fantasies
Clarity about partner selection so you’ll attract the right kind of people
A community of like-minded friends and lovers who are on a similar path.

Pansexual Soul Play Workshop

Who would you be if you didn’t have to live within restrictive gender roles? It doesn’t matter if you are cisgender, queer, trans, fluid or other–we all have an inner opposite.

This play space is a safe sandbox to explore, express and experiment with your contra-sexual self. The intention is to channel this non-physical part of ourselves so that we may be more embodied and witness each other in our evolution.

This is not a performance; nor is it a play, but it may be entertaining and playful! It’s a rich opportunity to learn more about yourself and others. It’s a facilitated and directed environment where we may offer supportive guidance and interactive mirrors, but there is no place for judgment or shame. So leave your inner critic behind and come be more fully expressed!

Benefits include:
The deeper experience of embodiment
Encounter with your hermaphroditic soul
Guidance towards wholeness
Messages from beyond duality
Stripping off layers of the ego
Shining your true self!

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