Writing a book is a long game!

We just submitted the FINAL edits on our manuscript: 52 Fridays to Cleis Press! Check out the label on our designer wine…and while your zooming in…enjoy the sexy chapter titles from the Table of Contents. This book has been over 5 years in the making and we can’t wait for it to hit the bookstores in 2020!

There have been tough times, (like now) when I’ve wanted to give up. But the key to staying motivated is remembering our purpose. Following is our artistic statement, from our introduction, I hope it inspires me, as much as it inspires my readers. 😜

By revealing the intimate details of our sometimes vulgar and violent fantasies, we shed light on parts of the human experience that have been relegated to the shadows. In a backward society that suggests feeling pleasure is wrong, it can be subversive to state that feeling wrong can be pleasurable. We intend to encourage people to decide for themselves what is desirable instead of deferring authority to outside institutions to determine what is acceptable or not.

Ultimately, we wrote this book because we are making a stand for living in a world where people can openly share both fantasy and truth about sex since it is one of the most central experiences of being human. We offer the transparent exploration of these taboos to permit readers to release the shame and repression that keeps the dominator culture in power. We believe our personal fantasies are reflections of our larger culture since we are connected at the level of the collective unconscious. Whether you are offended or aroused, dear reader, we challenge you to reflect on how to navigate your reactions in healthy, life-affirming ways.

In summary, this book is a love declaration. We are celebrating a passionate, kinky, transcendental girl-on-girl romance in the context of a genuinely committed poly family. Through all the ups and downs of our crazy lives, we managed to maintain consistent playdates nearly every Friday, for the first seven years of our poly relationship!

I love you, Roxanne DePalma

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