Results from ISTA’s 1st Family Fusion Experiment

I’m overflowing with mother love! My son Devin (age 12) and 11 other kids are the first graduating class of ISTA Family Fusion which is an extraordinary new journey for children and parents within the ISTA tribe! Watch these brief videos to get a transmission of the magic that we shared.  I’m especially proud of our assistant team for being a visionary group of activated souls who came together to co-create and we are overflowing with inspiration for next year.I’m celebrating now with some much-needed downtime in nature.

Blessings on your path, until we meet!

KamalaDevi McClure

“Every day there were lessons and lessons and lessons coming in…like a 100 per day. The image that I got was that of a sparkly golden ring. Since ISTA works with the life force energy and we stood in a circle, we all lined up by age, Where Steph at 60 stood by the 16 month old baby and the pregnant woman, we were all in a circle and I realized that ISTA has had a big gap in the circle. There has been a hole where the kids are supposed to stand, this is a really important place that’s been missing.” –Michael McClure

“It was a very shamanic training in that everything we planned did not work and we had to throw out the curriculum, the first few days we spent adjusting, we listened and learned how to transform an exercise that is designed to heal a wounded parent. Most of these teachings are originally designed for adults who have wounds and are not in touch with their magic, but when you put a magical kid in this container they get bored and would rather play with nature, they don’t have a need for these teachings but they might in the future, so we had to find ways to listen to their needs and make games and scenarios to keep them interested.” –Xavier

“At the temple training we inquired, how do we help souls emerge as souls without all the shit that gets piled on them? I wanted to see how this looks authentically, with the next generation so I came here with that intention and I walked into a wall of awkwardness. The adults who chose to be here were excited but the kids were resistant. They agreed to be here, but they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. It was a very quantum field because as we were able to reach the kids we were reaching into the future. And eventually, we could do unthinkable things and then when it was done it felt like the most normal thing in the world. This feels like my blood family in ISTA now. Where everything you do influences me. I feel that in this group of kids. This is tribe.” –Joy

It was organic how the children related. They clumped into 3 groups, the littles, the middles, and the pre-teens. The little group brought their life force and flowed in and out. The middle group was more interested in playing by the stream than teachings about bodies and sexuality. Which is fine because they had rangers to watch them. And it was better than if we had planned something for them. The oldest group got deeply involved in receiving and giving teachings. Every time is going to be different and whoever is holding the space for it has to listen, listen, listen for what wants to emerge and just go with it. ” –Sara Taub

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