Relationship Deep Dive – STARTING NEXT MONTH!

If you are in a primary partnership that is committed to supporting each other’s purpose on the planet, please consider a private “Discovery Call” with KamalaDevi & Michael McClure. We are currently looking for about a dozen high-level couples (or poly families) to form a 12-month online Masterclass & Mastermind Program.  




  • Rituals to uproot the source of old patterns and stop suffering
  • Reignite intimacy and passion, way beyond the honeymoon
  • Develop a shared understanding, language, and toolbox
  • Co-create a powerful vision based on your core values
  • Upgrade compatibility in all areas of life: Money, Work, Health…
  • A deep sense of community and support from other couples
  • Learn to harness prayer, improv, humor & sacred sexual energy


  • Schedule a 20-40 minute “Discovery video call” to see if we’re a fit
  • Preview our teachings by watching our online videos recordings
  • Become a member of the private mastermind group on Facebook
  • Each month features a 90-minute video covering a new dimension
  • You are guided to practice partner explorations and rituals
  • Followed by a LIVE mastermind to harvest and reinforce success
  • You contribute to a community of awesome couples growing together
  • Taylor your individual path with four private couple coaching sessions
  • Sessions will be recorded and available for your ongoing review
  • Contact for more details

The 12 Month Curriculum:

As internationally recognized experts in an open relationship, we want to share all the insights, tips, tools, tricks and hacks that we’ve learned in the last 17 years together. We’re interested in providing a breakthrough that is not just accessed one time in a workshop setting, or on vacation, but something that truly transforms every aspect of everyday life! This is why we are encouraging you to set a regular time, in your own home to do the work together. We want to support your partnership to reach your full potential!

  • 1. Initiation and Relationship Assessment
  • 2. Communication when you’re in Harmony
  • 3. Deep Conflict Resolution when your not
  • 4. Spiritual Practices to Raise your vibration
  • 5. From Mind Fields to Creative Conversation
  • 6. Increasing Intimacy and Emotional Intelligence
  • 7. Sex as recreational and Transformational Medicine
  • 8. Money as a Lover that offers security and freedom
  • 9. New Paradigm Family, Community, and Tribe
  • 10. Daily Rituals for home, health, and hygiene
  • 11. Future visioning: Living the dream together
  • 12. Commencement Celebration & Re-commitment!

Big Love, 

KamalaDevi & Michael

Please watch the 4 part series previewing the 12-month Relationship Deep Dive. 

Part I: Introduction to Relationship Upgrade and focus on PASSION, PURPOSE & PEACE in Partnership!

Part II: A deeper look with a relationship Q&A

Part III: Every Day is Valentine’s, Exploring Rituals

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