2017 Year in Review by KamalaDevi, Michael, Devin & Kabuki the Cat

“Bizarre!” Is my best attempt to sum up this year. As if America’s new president weren’t surreal enough, Elon Musk has recycled rockets, China teleported photons into orbit, and the widespread #MeToo movement finally made sexual misconduct unignorable. 

As I traveled around the planet, I’ve been astounded by the magic happening in the hearts of everyone I encounter.  Following is a fun list of my most memorable experiences from 2017 and a wishlist of what’s in store for 2108.

1) LOVE: To celebrate my 15 year anniversary with Michael we invited our intimate network to hot tub cruise on the bay! Surprisingly, my marriage continues to become more passionate and harmonious than I ever imagined possible! We used to argue every month (usually around my period) but now we maintain harmony for months and if a disagreement comes up, it only takes minutes to make up. What’s our secret? It’s simple; We prioritize each other’s pleasure. We changed our weekly dates to Mondays and truly enjoy each others company!

2) ISTA: In April this year, I went to Guatemala and Brazil for multi-dimensional bonding with my soul tribe from the International School of Temple Arts. I was invited to become Lead Faculty, along with 13 other teachers, healers and sex shamans from around the world! Then I had the honor of teaching in Portland, Spain, Sweden, The Sierra Nevadas and New England! I hope you’ll join me for one of these 5 retreats already scheduled for 2018.

3) DHARMA: Have you seen my TEDx Talk? It’s called: How Talking about your Sex life can start a social revolution! Please watch this video and Share with your friends! 

It’s been a rich year of public speaking and performance art. Beyond directing a storytelling and Improv comedy show called Virginity Lost for Tantra theater, I made a number of local appearances for local organizations such as Writers Inc., Club X, and Sex Positive San Diego. 

4) WRITING: I’m hot and heavy in the editing process of a new anthology called: Secret Lives of Sex Shamans. There are approx. 20 contributing authors that not only expose the details of their personal growth journey but their professional calling to become a modern sexual healer. The manuscript has been submitted to a handful of agents and editors. If we chose to self-publish, we may have our official book release party in Israel this November!

5) DEVIN: Now in the 5th grade, he has earned his blue belt in Kung Fu. He plays the keyboard for music club and performs at the local library and festivals like Gator by the Bay. His favorite subject is still science and he indulges his mother in her Star Trek addiction. Next year we promise to start Piano Lessons.

6) MICHAEL: Michael helped his mother Linda sell her condo, clear out her storage and move into assisted living where she has an active social life. In addition to selling solar, he started a short-term vacation rental business with a charming little townhouse on Mission Bay. He’s also been diving deep into spiritual shamanism, writing new music and regularly riding Devin to school on our new tandem bike!

7) ROXANNE: To celebrate 6 sensational years of meeting on Fridays, we visited a Vedic Astrologer who said he hadn’t seen a more compatible chart in 5 years. Confident that our love will transcend time and space, we’ve decided to shift our dates to every other Friday in attempt to maintain right relation while taking time to deepen our service to the world. In 2018, we’ll be rewriting and publishing our erotic novel, 52 Fridays with my Bitch, which is currently being shopped to publishers by our agent, Bobby. (Photo by www.KondorImaging.com)

8) KABUKI: Between napping and dreaming, he offers lessons on hunting dragonflies, proper grooming, and how to purrrrrr when sitting in the sunny spot and receiving massage. We are blessed to have such a talented new teacher join the family.

9) COACHING & MENTORSHIP: Although I only had a handful of private clients this year, I seem to have magnetized an abundance of mentees who are authors, healers and powerful community leaders. I feel called to widen and deepen my inner circle with an official mentorship and mastermind program in 2018.

10) SPIRITUALITY: Prayer, meditation, and mindful movement are all cornerstones of my daily morning practice which helped me raise my vibration despite months of debilitating arthritis. (I even had to battle a strange stomach bug that I picked up in Brazil.)   When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, I enjoy making many, in each area of life, but this year, my most important directive is to meditate every morning before I even turn my computer on!

What are your resolutions? How can I support you in becoming the best version of yourself!? Consider joining me for one of my transformative adventures. Mark your Calendar for upcoming events here. 

Here’s a New Year’s Gift, that is just as relevant this year as when I wrote it: Ten Tips to writing successful New Year goals & resolutions!

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P.S. If your feeling called to experience a life-changing retreat, register for this big adventure with the ISTA soul tribe in Hawaii this February 2018

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