Are you a Witch? Top 10 Signs of your magical potential this Halloween!

After an adventurous summer season, I am slowing down for the fall. As I do my magical meditations, I realized how sweet it is to be surrounded by other witches, wizards, and Shamans. Many of you may not even identify as such, (I know how much you hate labels,) but I thought it might be fun to conduct a little Cosmo-style quiz. So I brainstormed a quick list of the top 10 signs that indicate you might be a little witchy. How many of these signs describe YOU?

10) You are not afraid of the dark, yet you are irresistibly attracted to candles and crystals.

9) You prefer natural healing cures to doctors offices.

8) You walk barefoot on the earth and touch and smell every flower and herb along your path.

7) You know that everything you do (good, bad or otherwise) comes back to you threefold.

6) You make up your own rituals.

5) You can feel what phase the moon is in. It pulls on your womb (even if you don’t have one.)

4) There always seems to be a strange correlation between the weather and your emotions.

3) You speak to animals–in their language– or silently send psychic images.

2) You are fascinated by myths, dreams, and symbols. Ever since you were a child you revel in alternate realities and other dimensions.

1) Your soul refuses to conform.

Ultimately, what defines a Witch, Wizard or a Shaman is their Magic. There are many solo practitioners in the world but it is so powerful to come together for rituals, initiations, and practices to cultivate our healing powers. This is what I do when I go away with my soul family to these retreats run by the International School of Temple Arts.

The picture above (with grapes) was taken moments after I completed an all women’s sweat lodge in Sweden. Michael and Coby were the temple guardians and fire tenders. Afterwards, we broke our fast with a bacchanalian feast on organic fruit. During this journey, I met a spirit guide in the form of a hummingbird.

The picture below…

…was taken in the woods where I went on a mushroom walk to pick offerings for our journey into the underworld. ISTA Level 2 involves an elaborate series of death rituals and this mushroom actually hatched worms that danced on our earth altar!

I trust our paths will cross soon and we’ll journey together into the realm of ritual & magic!
Wake up and Dream,
KamalaDevi McClure
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