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Before I tell you my funny “behind the scenes” story, I want you to know that this was a vulnerable personal growth exercise for me. The TEDx Conference attracted a more conservative and mainstream crowd than I’m accustomed to. This was not my usual Tantra Festival, spiritual training or play party. The official theme for the event was “Community” and there were many other marvelous speakers and topics, but I am the only one that had “Sex” in the title of my speech.

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So….The original idea for this talk came when I was buying airline tickets to Brazil. One of the organizers, Dave Booda, was staying at my house and we were talking about all the amazing thought leaders and game changers that we knew. We were both feeling privileged to participate in a larger evolutionary movement. It’s amazing how we each seem to be doing our part. Upon more self reflection about the unique puzzle piece that I hold, I decided to apply, and got accepted a day before I left the country.

So I wrote this speech on airplanes and shuttles throughout South America. Then I ran my lines to the river rocks and jungle vines of Brazil. I rehearsed it in front of a handful of friends and lovers…but when I was sick for 3 days. On the morning of the conference, I got down on my knees and prayed, I wasn’t sure if I was even going to make it to the talk. I’m so grateful I was able to gracefully complete this talk without vomiting–not only was I nervous–but I was still was violently ill with a intestinal bug. After I stepped off stage, I had to run to the restroom (again.) Then my boyfriend who lives nearby suggested I go to his house to nap. He gave me the car keys to his BMW but I was so disoriented that I decided to take a nap in the backseat…It’s a good thing he came out to check on me, because it turns out I was napping in the wrong car! Anyway, I’m grateful to all my friends and lovers who supported me in sharing my gifts, despite my physical challenge. You’ll be happy to know I’m back to full radiant health now!
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KamalaDevi shares her findings from over two decades of experience studying sex and relationship in kinky, queer and polyamory communities. She argues that accepting a wide range of human sexual expression is essential to building healthy social structures. She shares a future vision of a non-violent communities that flourish because of sexual transparency and offers that coming out is not just for gay people anymore.

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KamalaDevi McClure is a mystic, author, & Muse. Her family stars in Showtime’s docu-series, Polyamory: Married & Dating. She is the director of SD Tantra Theater, teaches sacred sexuality, and is lead faculty for ISTA. She lives by the beach in San Diego with her husband and son.

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