I Lost My Wedding Ring and I’m Happy! [July 2017 KamalaDevi’s Newsletter]

Hello World! I am writing you from a long layover in New York. I’m feeling both ecstatic and exhausted. I’m on my way home from a heart/mind blowing ISTA training in Spain. We camped at a retreat center owned by a brilliant environmental artist who is conducting an ongoing experiment in eros.

Co-Facilitating this 8-day retreat was unique because it was wildly international (participants from 13 different countries) and we slept in tree houses and on mattresses under the stars.  I was so taken by the valley and the vision of this community that I decided to marry it. Literally. On the last day, I soaked in a natural mud bath and got so naked and ecstatic that my platinum wedding ring slipped off. Instead of feeling a loss, it felt like luck. Originally, Michael and Devin had found the treasure in a hot spring and put it on my finger to represent our re-marriage. Now that our bond is so solid, it feels  fitting to give it back to Mother/Lover Earth.

On the family front

I’ve obviously been traveling a ton, and I’m torn because it’s summer time and my son is out of school and I’m constantly reminded about how precious and fleeting childhood is. Michael and I took Devin (age 10) camping in Yosemite and had a heartfelt talk about how we wanted to raise him. We agreed that if money were no issue, we’d  take him traveling with us. So, we decided, starting next summer, to pull him out of school and set off on a magical mystery tour together. Learning how to homeschool will be a part of the adventure. More good news is that Michael recently started selling solar energy for a new company and as a result, we are able to start paying down our debts.

My Dharma

I am falling deeper and deeper in Love. Not just with one person, but with my entire soul tribe. Actually, I find myself in a rare state of NRE (New Relationship Energy) with ISTA, which is not my career, but my calling. Together we are a collective of mystics, teachers, healers, and modern day shamans who work with spiritual and sexual energy. The mission of the International School of Temple Arts is to awaken “a global movement where human consciousness integrates harmoniously with other beings and dimensions. Our vision is a world where humans have a peaceful, delightful, shameless, fearless and loving relationship with their own bodies, sexuality, emotions, hearts, minds and spirit.”

During my travels to Brazil, I was promoted to lead facilitator for ISTA, and shortly after returning I had the awesome and unexpected opportunity to lead in Portland under Laurie Handler’s mentorship. With over 40 friends and lovers in attendance, it was the largest ISTA training in North America and our organizer, Amara Karuna invited me to lead again next year!

Quick Writing Update

This erotic novel has been pitched to over a dozen trade publishers, and has not received any rejection letters, in fact a handful of editors are interested in reviewing the manuscript! Roxanne and I are working on an afterward where we reveal how the fiction is loosely based on a true love story between the authors.  

Well, my plane is boarding soon, and this is my chance to actively rescript my fear of flying. Airports are becoming a place of pleasure again, a temple for coming and going. Airports used to be all about adrenaline, abuse of authority and suspicion of terrorism, (especially in America since 9/11) Fortunately, now that I’m required to travel and teach in new lands, I’m learning to love leaving and I’m starting to appreciate the foreign and familiar… chaos and the order… the technology and humanity, of it all.

I hope your soul is called to join me and my tantra tribe for one of the many transformative week-long events we facilitate around the world…Go Here for my upcoming event schedule: http://www.kamaladevi.com/events

Wake up and Dream,
KamalaDevi McClure

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KamalaDevi McClure is a mystic, author, & Muse. Her family stars in Showtime’s docu-series, Polyamory: Married & Dating. She is the director of SD Tantra Theater, teaches sacred sexuality, and is lead faculty for ISTA. She lives by the beach in San Diego with her husband and son.

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