Just finished My New Erotic Novel: 52 Fridays with My Bitch!

My co-author, Roxanne and I officially signed on with our literary agent, Bobby at Newman Communications, on April 4th, 2017.  Which actually motivated us to finish the manuscript after 3 great years of just fooling around. We finally completed all 52 chapters, totaling over 400 pages of raunchy reading! 

52 Fridays with my Bitch- mock cover-1

Now, Bobby will start pitching the project to publishers while I’m doing a month long Shamanic journey in Guatemala and Brazil…wish us luck! Even though I’ve self published a handful of books, I’ve have never been published by a big trade publisher, or written anything quite this sexually explicit!

Here’s an excerpt from my query letter:  

“After starring in 2 seasons of Showtime’s reality series, Polyamory: Married & Dating, we realized that our private life is made up of stuff that most people only fantasize about. The overwhelming response from mostly monogamous viewers was asking: How do you manage so many lovers? What do you actually do in bed? How do you handle jealousy? Such questions inspired a 108K word erotic novel called: 52 Fridays with My Bitch. It is loosely based on the true love story between a polyamorous theater director and her submissive student who dramatize kinky fantasies during their weekly play dates.  The book endeavors to provide both a genius plot as well as an idiot plot: The subversive social commentary explores the edge between role playing and reality while offering explicitly sensual girl on girl action!”

     Curious about polyamory, Violet, a sexually adventurous bisexual starts taking a weekly acting class from her boyfriend’s former girlfriend, Raven. The two women fall into a Dominant/Submissive relationship, but as their intricate web of fantasies grows complicated, they must navigate agreements with their primary partners. Can group sex be the glue to hold it together?
Will their perverted playdates be transmuted into performance art or does the dramatization of childhood trauma run the risk of re-wounding? Learn how these sexual pioneers discover the healing power of fantasy to include new lovers, handle jealousy and even share sexual energy with strangers!  

I’m very curious to hear any comments and/or questions that arise for you as you read about our new book. (Writing can be a very lonely and/or it can help build a sense of community.) If you are a writer, I hope you’ll join me this summer:

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KamalaDevi McClure is a mystic, author, & Muse. Her family stars in Showtime’s docu-series, Polyamory: Married & Dating. She is the director of SD Tantra Theater, teaches sacred sexuality, and is lead faculty for ISTA. She lives by the beach in San Diego with her husband and son.

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