Did you miss me? Update from KamalaDevi’s Soul on Summer Solstice 2016

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Have you ever gone without talking to someone for so long that you worry it is going to be awkward when you finally do? I’m sorry I avoided writing you for so long. Forgive me now if I skip the small talk, but because of my fierce commitment to authentic expression, and since I’ve already let you watch me naked on TV, I’m just going to jump in and pick up where we left off…

Happy Summer Solstice & Full Moon.

There have been so many changes this season that it feels like a whole new ME, meeting a whole new YOU. Once we are all caught up, I’ll intend to keep up a deeper dialogue with an online Talk Show called: Poly Pillow Talk. In the meantime these are the intimate matters of my heart:

Health Update:

I have not had a seizure since December. After many months of deep rest, trauma therapy, eating plant based proteins and sweating every day, I feel more radiant and embodied than ever. According to my last battery of medical tests, I am free from mold toxins and have my doctor’s blessings to resume working. So instead of loading up my schedule with clients, public appearances and speaking engagements, I’m stopping to ask myself: What lights up my soul? We humans have such a short and potentially magical time on planet Earth. As such, I’m not interested in anything that isn’t deeply aligned with my value for Love, Truth, Liberation and of course, it’s got to be Fun!

Coming Out… of Sabbatical:

Despite the loss my web provider and a huge unexpected database crash, I’ve felt a deep calling to resume working with other Love leaders. After co-teaching several spontaneous events with Reid Mihalko, I am officially back in service. I am offering private mentorship to other healers, speakers and authors who want to increase their impact of their life’s work. If you coKamalaDevi writing 52 Fridaysnsider yourself love leader, I invite you to schedule a trial session by phone or skype for only $108, Send me a direct message if you or someone you know is interested.

Book Update:

I’ve been writing like a mad woman! I graduated 18 students from my recent writing course!  And while my next book Polyamory Pearls is pushing down the birthing canal, (hopefully the birthdate will be independence day, this 4th of July) I shifted my focus from the Pleasure Bible with Marc Gafni back to co-authoring 52 Fridays with my Bitch. Which is an erotic novel based on a true story of how two polyamorous lesbian perverts use their deviant fantasies to heal the gap between depravity and devotion.

Family Update:

Most of March was spent recovering from the false sexual abuse allegations that were filed because of our open and out poly lifestyle. Michael and I are celebrating that as a result of their cross examination, Child Protective services in the city of San Diego will dismiss false claims that come from unrelated parties in the future! Huge gratitude to everyone who held space during that time, even though we were cautiously withholding details. It’s a relief to finally lift the veils of secrecy and be able to share everything we’ve learned. FYI: Devin graduated from 3rd grade, today!

Kamaladevi family devin

San Diego Solar Energy Update:

If you’re a homeowner like us, you’re probably getting barraged by solar ads. With all of the telemarketing calls and door to door sales, it’s hard to know what is real and what is a scam. California is in the middle of a clean solar revolution. Michael has been an environmental professional for over 15 years and has never seen anything like it. Which is why he started his own company: American Solar Fund to help make solar simple and affordable for our customers, community and friends. If you know anyone who wants to get the straight information and buy solar from a trusted friend, please call or text Michael: 1-619-871-2828.

Polyamory Update:

Ria KamalaDevi Michael mazeRoxanne and I just celebrated our 5 year Polyversary with a fun Live stream interview on FB, Check it out. Michael and I enjoyed 2 weeks of re-connection with the extraordinary unicorn priestess: Ria. Michael has been experiencing a range of romantic and sexual encounters with a number of poly goddesses. Recently, our former live in lover, Rachel came to town and we had a series of intimate healing discussions where we decided that even though we’ve had our challenges at the level of the personality and circumstance, the love never went away.  We plan to reconnect and dive deeper with her and her beloved whenever our respective tantra and poly paths might cross, especially in Sweden this summer.

Summer Plans?

In JULY I’m Starting another 30 day challenge to build a spiritual practice in June. Personally, I have chosen to practice compersion (which is the opposite of Jealousy) We are a group of about 30 friends on Facebook who are practicing all kinds of other daily habits, like journaling, dance, sweating, nature hikes, meditating…etc….want to join us?! It’s just a $30 donation for a fun and easy group coaching experience.

In AUGUST, I feel the soul of Sweden calling me this Summer. Sooooooooo delighted to be traveling with my beloved Michael McClure, goddess Ria Yoshida and re-connecting with our soul sister, Rachel Rickards and her beloved. I will be co-teaching with 2 “Cuddle Party” facilitators who ALSO happen to be Tantra theater buffs: Monique Darling & Adam Paulman. I will be leading the following 3 collaborative events Aug. 2-7 at the Ängsbacka Tantra Festival in Sweden www.en.angsbacka.se/festivals/tantra-festival/

  • Free Love is an Field beyond right and wrong
  • Shamanic Storytelling
  • ALL GIRL Sacred Snuggle Party!

Afterwards, if you get the calling to dive deep, stay for a week long journey into Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience Level 1 with Bruce Lyon & Dhyan Niten, we would LOVE to guide you into an extraordinary new reality. 8 – 14 August 2016 ISTA Level 1 Training: http://www.angsbacka.se/kurser/ista-level-one/

Further, I will be following Bruce Lyon to Cheq republic for a weeklong retreat to explore Wild Love. Let me know if you are in Europe this Summer, I’d LOVE to meet and play with you! Looking forward to re-connecting heart to heart.

Wake up and Dream,

KamalaDevi McClure

My NEW book: Sacred Slut Sutras is now on Amazon but can only be found through this hidden link: http://amzn.to/1RBmFPD

Don’t Drink the Punch: An Adventure in Tantra

Sacred Sexual Healing by Kamala Devi & BabaDez Nichols

Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love

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