Why Take a Spiritual Pilgrimage? (ISTA) International School of Temple Arts)

Ria KamalaDevi Michael mazeMy girlfriend Ria Onomatopoeia shares about her initiation with ISTA: International School of Temple Arts. Enjoy this brief 3 minute video inviting you to come away with us…To the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Level 1 and/or the Tantra Festival  in Sweden Aug 2 – 14, 2016. I am officially coming out of sabbatical, and excited to work and play with you! 

Tantra Festival  in Sweden Aug 2 – 7, 2016:

ISTA’s Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Level 1 in Sweden Aug 8 – 14, 2016:

If you miss these dates, we have dozens of other trainings around the world, please go to: https://www.schooloftemplearts.org

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