Join me for a 30 day challenge as a spiritual practice to Stop Suffering!

KamalaDevi Banyon tree live with passionLife is a laboratory. My reality is a series of radical experiments. Since I move with the moon, I enjoy having a monthly cycle. The Calendar month has proven a wonderful time to course correct and take on a new challenge. That’s why I started an online group to join me for the 30 day challenge. This blog is my attempt to report the results of my hands on researcher since I started running this group 5 months ago.

  • In February, I started off with a positivity challenge where I stopped all bitching, complaining and blaming. (26/30)
  • In March I committed to sweating in the sauna every morning for 20 minutes.(29/30)
  • In April I wrote love letters to my Husband every day. (16/30)
  • In May I wrote a sex scene for my new book: 52 Fridays with My Bitch. (20/30)
  • And this month I am challenging myself to do a little self promotion every day since, (which, by the way, is what inspired this blog post.)

30 day headerI Hundreds of adventurous spirits have selected all kinds of other challenges for themselves when they joined me for the community experience on FB where we posted paintings, and videos of ourselves playing instruments and performing sit ups, or whatever other spiritual practice they chose.

Participation is simple:
Introduce yourself and make a declaration of your commitment for the month.
Post your progress at your own pace. On day 10, 20 & 30 you will be quizzed on how many days did you do your practice?
You can comment on other’s posts as much as you want.  Taking a consequence if you do not do your practice is optional. And the final step is to celebrate that you did your practice more because of the group than you would have done it if you were all alone! 

Most people were self motivated, some were stuck and needed more support than others and then others just seemed to disappear. My husband is an example of someone who did his practice every day for 30 days, but never once checked in or commented on anyone else’s progress. and then there was a woman who boldly stated that the challenge was not for her because she got up in her head about people pleasing and it was more ego confronting than it was worth. So this process is certainly not for everyone.  And especially not for those who join the group just to try to get poly relationship advice from me… because, I have been taking a break from coaching, and other speaking engagments as I am in a deep writing retreat and this is a wonderful way for me to support the community and get supported for it.

To join our Journey Click Here!

Coaching tends to work better when there is an exchange of energy so I ask participants to “put some skin into the game” by running this group on a donation basis. My requested donation is only $30 for 30 days. (Nobody will be turned away due to lack of funds!) The donation keeps the group size manageable and  allows me to put even more energy into maintaining a high vibration quality community space, role modeling the work, and answer any personal questions about how to get the most out of the challenge.

This group is great for open hearted/minded friends and lovers who wants to try on a new habit and can’t seem to do it alone (after all, we are social animals) $30 bucks is about the price of a book or a nice meal and well worth a life changing experience.
Thanks for supporting me in doing what I love to do!

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