Life is a Laboratory: A Letter from my heart, Love KamalaDevi (September 2015)

Sacred Slut Sutras Mock Cover Kamala DeviDear Friend,

I spent most the month spitting in test tubes and tapping veins for LabCorp. Though I lean towards the shamanic belief that my PTSD is a caused by spiritual emergency, if there is an underlying physical trigger such as a mold, hormones or allergies, my crack team of naturopathic doctors are determined to find it.

Between all the dietary changes, supplements and mindfulness practices, I’m happy to celebrate my son’s successful first full week of 3rd grade, and my husband’s launching a shiny new company: American Solar Foundation.

I’ve somehow also managed to pump out a hefty chunk of words. In addition to passionately plugging along on the Pleasure Bible, I’ve been working with a cartoonist to polish my next manuscript: Polyamory Pearls (Vol. 2 of the Sacred Slut Series) and I submitted 2 articles for publication, one is an advice column called “Polyamory Pillow Talk” and the other is about my complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

By far, the most exciting news is about birthing my next book: Sacred Slut Sutras (Pictured above.) We are almost ready to launch on Amazon this Halloween! The subtitle reads: Radical Insights on Sex, Love, Tantra, Kink & Other Spiritual Pursuits. Vol. 1 And the best part is that the collection includes over 40  pieces of absolutely stunning art by Francois Dubeau!

Art therapy is the predominant theme of the experiments in the laboratory of my life. I feel the act of creating something new puts me in ever-increasing intimate contact with the creator. I am blessed to be in her constant service. The results of my ongoing testing are still up for interpretation. I chose to see my explosive creativity as evidence of my healing, but of course, there has always been an undeniable correlation between art and crazy. But sanity tends to be overrated anyway.

Given the current state of my mental health, It is probably too soon to get that tattoo or legally change my name, but I confess, I find myself ruminating about such things in my early insomnia laced mornings. I suspect these impulses offer some kind of permanence to my otherwise unstable condition. Regardless, I’m feeling blessed for the immense support that keeps rolling in. Specific appreciation goes to my husband Michael for never sweating the small stuff. My girlfriend Roxanne for her weekly sexual healing sessions and her husband for Daniel for boosting my brain chemistry.

Another thing that has always helped me is helping others. So I’m excited to be heading off to Israel for a month of teaching and traveling with my tantra tribe. Since the International School of Temple Arts offers an entire toolbox of emotional release practices, I will be accountable for continuing my own personal growth work… Which brings me to my juicy invitations:

1) Sneak peek of the sexy Art from the NEW book: Sacred Slut Sutras: Radical Insights On Sex, Love, Tantra, Kink & Other Spiritual Pursuits Vol.1 

2) Poly Problems? Questions? Curiosities? Kamala Devi is starting an Advice Column and would love to crowd source your topics….Ask here, or send a private message… One of the many things we learned while filming the show is: There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. To read the first column go here: Polyamory Pillow Talk: Caught Cheating & Handling Heartbreak!? 

3)  I’m leaving in 2 days for a Sacred Sexual Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Israel. For details about the ISTA Conference and/or the Shamanic Experience Training go here

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