Showtime is not doing a Season 3 of Polyamory: Married & Dating. What’s happening with the San Diego Family in 2016

PolyPod Reunion at Graitutde
Fan mail like this flood my inbox: “I’m completely  hooked and intrigued! When is season 3? I have searched the Internet and came up empty.” 
“I loved the show. Will there be a spin-off show?I don’t think you guys could come back from such a epic ending. It’s a shame that it’s over because poly is tough and a lot of the issues you were going through were helpful to watch. I looked up to you guys.” 
“Nooooo!!!! I just heard you won’t be airing a 3rd season, but please let me know what’s happening with your family? How’s everyone doing?” 

It’ true. There will not be a season 3 of Polyamory: Married & Dating. But the first two seasons can still be caught on Showtime On Demand (and other sources listed below) but here’s a transparent update on what’s been unfolding in our personal lives, recently.

For the record, Showtime did not cancel the show. Here’s my understanding of why Polyamory: Married & Dating didn’t continue.  Shortly following the season finale, the production company, BermanBraun, changed ownership. Co-founder Gail Berman left to pursue new opportunities, and her fellow co-founder Lloyd Braun started Whalerock Industries.  Naturally, the talented creator and director, Natalia Garcia re-directed her creative genius towards other Hollywood projects.
So, you want an update about what’s happening with the San Diego Poly Family NOW? I can’t speak for the LA or Riverside families, but here are some of the bullet points from the San Diego Polyamory Family:
Jen N Jesse Wedding Party Poly
Jennifer and Tahl are happy, healthy and even though they moved out and got a divorce, they are still very close friends with each other as well as with everyone else in the pod. Jennifer has been running her own Pilates studio. Jennifer and Jesse had an intimate wedding (with a fabulous steam punk theme pictured above) and they bought a house where they live with their two dogs.
✔Tahl has been focused on building his acupuncture business. After nearly a 4 year journey with Tziporah, they consciously transitioned their live-in primary relationship into a loving friendship. Tziporah has been focused on her life’s work and will author two books to be published this year.
Before the 2nd season started airing, Rachel moved in with the pod and shared just about everything, including a bed with me and Michael. We were a triad for about a year and a half before we went through a painful break up and she moved to Bali. There she met a beautiful Swedish man who she now lives with between trips to various love festivals which she is helping produce.
Meanwhile I took 2 years off of my private practice to recover from the multiple breakups, PTSD, anxiety attacks and environmental toxins. Michael and I managed to save our marriage and still use authentic communication and tantric practices to deepen our love and share it with the world. We are still actively involved with the San Diego Super Pod and each have about about a dozen lovers. We are especially grateful for the International School of Temple Arts which allows us to study and teacher sexual shamanism and personal growth around the globe. This summer we will be traveling to Sweden!
 My girlfriend Roxanne and I have continued our weekly play dates for over 5 years, now. (Watch our live streaming anniversary celebration here.) She had an open marriage ceremony with her beloved Daniel (which I was honored to  co-officiate.)  Roxanne has since started erotic dancing and is opening her own pole dance studio. Together we are having fun writing an erotic novel together called: “52 Fridays with My Bitch.”
I’ve been prolific during my healing retreat, and recently published a radical art and poetry book called: Sacred Slut Sutras.
PolyPearls Book Cover 1This book is so controversial that it is censored by Amazon and can only be found by this hidden link:
Further,  I am launching a new book which answers all the deep and dirty questions about my lifestyle called: “Polyamory Pearls: Invaluable Wisdom on Open Relationships, Jealousy, Group Sex and Other Spiritual Pursuits: ” Available HERE on Amazon after the 4th a July, 2017.

The San Diego Polyamory Family misses you, our fans and global poly tribe. We are talking about hosting a live streaming Q & A as soon as we can coordinate calendars. Please comment below if your’e interested in joining the San Diego Poly Family for our first live streaming event.

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14 thoughts on “Showtime is not doing a Season 3 of Polyamory: Married & Dating. What’s happening with the San Diego Family in 2016

  1. Thanks for the update! I’d be very interested in viewing a Q&A. I’d never heard of polyamory before viewing the first episode of your show. To say my mind was blown is an understatement. It has led to a lot of personal soul searching. While nothing has been put into action in my personal life, seeing that my own secret inclinations, not only exist, but are openly expressed in others has been a sanity saver for me.

  2. I’d love to see something like this. Your show changed my life and I’m always interested in an update of everyone.

  3. I love this show! Just finished both seasons and wish it was continuing! I didn’t know what poly was until several years ago when i met someone who was. When i saw how much respect, love & honesty him & his wife had it definitely made me open to it. I did try it for about a year and while i domt feel its for me I think it’s a beautiful thing and think everyone on the show is so great! I love that the poly foundation is honesty. I wish more managomous people like myself were open minded to it and people who were, I don’t believe theirs ome way to love or that anyone should be judged or treated differently for it. I’m sad to see tahl & Jen divorced but as long as their happy then i think thats great. I also loved when watching the show that when people break up they dont part forever n never speak, it’s more so a transition and they remain friends, I think it’s a beautiful thing and that’s how it should always be!!! Happy to have found this site and see this update! ❤❤

  4. Thanks so much for the update! My wife and I just finished season 2 and loved catching a glimpse into your lives. Much love

  5. Not at all surprised Tal and Jennifer Divorced -0 saw that writing on the wall the moment they moved in and no one cared that Jennifer was uncomfortable in her heart. SO happy for Jennifer, she deserves every happiness and her husband who loves her and only her is exactly what makes her complete and that ~is beautiful~ – MONO is also Legit Love! :) I’m sorry Rachel hurt you two, but again not surprised, she was a groupie and that also was seen coming form day 1 by me as I watched but I knew Michael wanted her too badly to see the truth of her.

  6. I wasn’t surprised when I read that Tahl and Jennifer were divorced. I think Tahl had too many issues with honesty and I feel sure that Jennifer was all too aware of that. I think she bent over backwards for him and to try to make the marriage work. I really feel sad for her because I know she really loves Tahl, but I don’t think she could keep forgiving him indefinitely.
    On a more positive note. I just want to say that I did binge watch both seasons on Showtime. But, I feel I honestly learned very much about myself and my way of talking with my wife from your pod. I think I’m more concerned about how I phrase what I say now.

  7. You guys should start a YouTube channel. Produce it yourselves, your community must be filled with creatives. Thanks for sharing your lives with us!

  8. Hello, I just loves watching and sharing in ur deep sense of love and connection. You guys are so aware of eachothers feelings and ur own its beautiful. Love you all
    Love Casandra

  9. Kamala you are a beautiful genius. Your spirit is absolutely refreshing. May God Bless You and Everyone always.

  10. Just binge watched the 2 seasons and was enthralled
    I really enjoyed seeing how communication worked with you all and the truth rule
    I am ordering your book tomorrow as I’m looking forward to learning more about polyamory

  11. I need more!!! Watching your show was cathartic for me! It opened my eyes to a different kind of love. While I might be open to playing, my husband is not. (Kind of like Jesse – is he more open to idea?)

    Love love this show!

  12. I thought the show was sooooo interesting. What really was interesting was how deeply people fell in love outside of their marriage time and time again. I would have REALLY loved to see more people of color on the show People of Color live in Cali, right?!?!? Looking forward to hearing more updates!

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