Is This Too Much Information? (Love from KamalaDevi Aug. 2015)

Correction: Oops…!  I wrote that I was “drinking in the mornings” and what I meant to say was “writing in the mornings, while drinking tea.” The original version of this newsletter was sent to 10K people…How embarrassing!
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My friend died.
Perhaps she was your friend too?
She was one of the great Polyamory Pioneers of all times. 
Deborah Taj Anapol touched a lot of people (in a lot of ways) during her 64 years on earth. Yesterday we planted a “Weeping Mulberry” tree in her honor.

During her memorial we had a wild bonobo-style ritual where we did performance art and someone asked: what would she would want from us?

Without debating over whether or not a dead person actually wants anything, I got crystal clear that It’s time for me to resume writing my monthly newsletters. Taj was not only the author of numerous landmark books (Like Love without Limits) but had a monthly practice of updating the world on whatever the hell she felt like writing about.

I’ve been in sabbatical for the last 6 months and (other than the occasional hint that I’m healing from a nervous breakdown) I’ve been a bit afraid to write you. But life is short. And too precious. I’d hate to die without telling you how much you mean to me. And how much I love life.

If you believe there is such a thing as “too much information” you might want to unsubscribe. I’ll miss you, but I’m not willing to hold back anymore.

So Here’s a snapshot of what’s been happening on the home-front:

After “magical mystery tour” of Western Europe. Michael and I had a rough landing. Food Poisoning, Insomnia, a non-epileptic seizure, and the loss of our mentor all in a row. I spend most mornings working on an epic new collaboration called The Pleasure Bible and evenings relaxing and playing.

Meanwhile Michael’s solar business is expanding and Devin (age 8) is enrolled in Jr. Life guradingand Ninja Camp and says he’s having the “best summer ever!”  

In other news, I have 5 quick and insightful invitations for you right now:
1) We have a girlfriend (perhaps she is your friend too?) that has been prevailing
over brain cancer and needs our love support for medicine to keep her alive. She
is a true artist, mother, sister goddess and ANY AMOUNT will help. Learn more
about her here
.  And Please Donate!
2)TODAY on AMAZON, Deborah Taj Anapol’s most recent book called  “ECOSEXUALITY: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love” is launching! I am proud to be a contributor on this project, her call to “Queer Mother Earth” is a must read. 
3) Come away with us! Our next tantric travel adventure will be in Jerusalem Israel for the conference on the evolution of conscious Sexuality in September followed by a week long Shamanic retreat in October. This is some of the deepest sexual healing available on the planet today!!!
4) To read my Eulogy to Taj to read about the uncanny events surrounding her death, and what she meant to me personally.5) This is the 4 year anniversary of the Phoenix Goddess Temple Raids, here’s a shocking update speaking up about the unjust treatment of women and sex positive religions.I’m looking forward to staying in better touch!With enormous affection,
KamalaDevi McClure
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One thought on “Is This Too Much Information? (Love from KamalaDevi Aug. 2015)

  1. Love it when you share and I enjoy your reads. I will have to read about ecosexuality but right now I’m focusing on eating healthy and with kindness. One new experience at a time for me. Thank you for your insight.

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