What’s the difference between Free love and Polyamory? Tantra Travel Video from Tamera

Tantra Travel Log: Do you have 5 minutes to hear an illuminating (and controversial) distinction between Free Love and Polyamory? KTamera free love group shotamala Devi shares a VIDEO blog from Peace Research Center: Tamera, Portugal. Where she studies with visionary Dieter Duhm and a community of peace workers, truth seekers and Free lovers! Traditionally the biggest distinction between free love and Polyamory has been the use of rules, agreements and contracts. In this video we learn how these practices fit into a larger vision of enlightened loving?

For more information on Tamera go to Tamera.org. Kamala Devi is traveling Europe this summer and hopes to post more videos soon! Her next stop is a nudist colony in the south of France.

Also, you can come join her and her family: July 25 – August 1, 2015 for the 4th Summer Festival of Love: http://summerfestival.venwoude.nl/

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