Kamala Devi Reviews her Top 40 Awesome Experiences on her 40th Birthday.

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I was feeling reminiscent, so I called my Jewish grandmother in Beverly Hills who said, “Honey, 40 is nothing…I’m 96, you are not even half my age…, It was nice talking to you, dear, I’ve got to run, I don’t want to keep the bridge ladies waiting.”

I couldn’t bring myself to talk about how I remember when phone calls on the pay phone were 10cents, stamps were 20 and the chewy nutty goodness of a Milky Way was a whopping 49 cents. When I was a kid, 40 years old was ‘Over The Hill’ but today it’s touted as “the new 30.”

(Photo Caption: Here I am, looking seaxy and sophisticated as a print Model in the late 80’s .)

KamalaDevi print modeling 80sReminiscence is important. When people have near-death experiences, it is widely reported across various cultures that we often experiences a phenomena in which “life flashes before our eyes” and we see significant events in our life history–in exquisite detail. 

I didn’t want to wait until I die to review my life, so I decided to make a list of 40 awesome experiences in my 40 years of life–so far. I put priority on the top ten, otherwise they are not necessarily in any special order. I hope this inspires you do your own life review! 

Kamala Devi’s 40 Years of Awesome Experiences:

1. My Open Marriage with Michael for over 13 years
2. Devin’s Home-birth at sunset of Jan. 13, 2007
3. My one-woman-show: The Sacred Slut series
4. Finishing my first novel: Don’t Drink the Punch 
5. My Tantric Pilgrimage through South India 
6. Showtime’s Polyamory: Married & Dating (2 seasons)
7. Creating the annual PolyPalooza festival for free lovers
8. Backing through Europe for 6 months alone after college
9. Generating passive income with my writing and teaching
10. 52 Fridays with my Bitch (Not just the erotic Novel, but falling deeper in love with Roxanne each week.) 

KamalaDevi modeling in 80s

11. Officiating Weddings & Funerals
12. Making amends with everyone in my past
13. Editor-in-Chief of the HS newspaper
14. Starting the Bisexual, Lesbian group at my University
15. Producing 3 Plays in college (Grad school)
16. Living in an artist commune in Hawaii
17. Directing the LGTB Pride Festival in Honolulu in ’97
18. Trying my hand as a professional Submissive
19.  My Sivinanda Yoga Teacher Training
20. Leading the Artist Way groups for over a decade
21. Buying a Beach house ( And making it green by installing Solar, Grey Water, compost..)
22. Founding, Directing and performing in 5 years of Tantra Theater (http://www.TantraTheater.TV)
23. Going to Bali with my meditation teacher while Pregnant with Devin.
24. Being the Keynote Speaker at various Poly Conferences
25. Being on TV News & Talk shows: (Tyra Banks/ ABC news, Dr. Drew, Discovery)
26. Sex Magic: The movie with Baba Dez
27. My ongoing alliance with both Source Tantra and  ISTA (International school of Temple Arts)
28. Running my private coaching practice
29. Being financially independent
30. Fundraising for Goddess Temple
31. Playing with Tantra Theater’s Improv Comedy Troupe
32. Creating the Beyond Monogamy Course
33. Publishing and maintaining this Blog
34. Taking Devin to Australia for a month
35. Learning Forum Facilitation at ZEGG in Germany
36. Making dinner from my own Vegetable garden
37. Having meaningful conversations with all 4 of my grandparents
39. Maintaining deep longterm relationships with a network of lovers call the “superpod”
40. Having laugh lines from so much fun.

tantra palooza 2008 kamala devi baba dez mare simone shawn roop kirin khalsa damien rose michael mcclurePhoto Caption: Tantra Palooza in 2008 with Damien, Kamala Devi, Baba Dez, Keli Lalita, Shawn Roop, Kirin Khalsa, Michael McClure, and Mare Simone! 

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KamalaDevi McClure is a mystic, author, & Muse. Her family stars in Showtime’s docu-series, Polyamory: Married & Dating. She is the director of SD Tantra Theater, teaches sacred sexuality, and is lead faculty for ISTA. She lives by the beach in San Diego with her husband and son.

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