It’s my 40th Birthday and my wish is…More time.

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…In less than a month, I am turning 40. And since I’ve always been an overachiever, I already had my midlife crisis, and am now ready to party! 

Joking aside, the reason you haven’t hear from me in about 6 months, is because I’ve been on a healing journey. I stopped doing public events, interviews and even sessions, so I could turn inward, cultivate understanding and heal my own body-mind complex. I am nowhere near finished, (the damn goalposts keep moving) but it’s been valuable. So, I have decided to continue my sabbatical through the Spring and travel Europe for most the Summer. It feels strange to step out of the spotlight, but it’s necessary to maintain my integrity.

As a transformational guide, it is my duty to continuously delve into new depths. Otherwise how could I lead others to new heights? For the dharma of the wounded healer is to explore the darkness, to access more light from within.

During this past year, I happened upon on a long forgotten “daddy-wound.” Hidden and protected like a buried treasure. I can’t even recall the details. Yet, I believe the event of this wounding was a taste of “something greater than myself” as such, I’ve been calling on an equally powerful light to heal me– all the way through.

KamalaDevi does ritualAs a teacher of Love, I’m also always working on my relationships, and happy to report Michael and I have essentially rebuilt our marriage, and are more in love than when we met 13 years ago!  

What’s more, we’re surrounded by love: My girlfriend Roxanne and her beloved Daniel got married and I had the honor of co-officiating her evolutionary open marriage ceremony. (Read the juicy details here.) A couple of other lovers were so inspired by the wedding, they spontaneously got engaged!

Then, I read original poetry at Christy and Charles Muir’s wedding, and many others are falling in love around us.

The point of all this is to say:
Despite the cultural assumption that Marriage is about sexual exclusivity
–that if you are not exclusive, you must not be committed–we are redefining marriage. Regardless of who else we might have sex with or even love, marriage can be
a deep commitment to stand by someone through life’s ups and downs.

Life is a wild ride with lots of ups and downs.
And death is a part of life.

Last week I lost my aunt. (RIP Tia Elvira.)
And Last month I led a memorial for a dear friend.
It got me thinking about what really matters.
I even wrote out my credo, Click here.

My big 40th is on May 5th, and my biggest birthday wish is:

To cultivate radiant health in order to continue my contemplation of the unconditional. Currently, I’m passionately in service to a new book on the topic of PLEASURE.

The down side, is that writing can be lonely; I miss you. I miss all the unexpected perspectives that community has to offer.

So, I invite you to come celebrate my birthday, with tantra family, In Canada. Come fly out to Quebec for my favorite conference on sex and consciousness? I’m also celebrating my 4 year anniversary with my boyfriend, James. Then consider staying for the transformational week-long training afterwards. Get this: I am taking it as a participant! –It’s my present to myself.

If I’ve learned anything in my 40 years, It’s that my energy is in direct proportion to my connection to source. In order to give something, I must have it to give. Just as I cannot receive anything, until I’m ready to get it.

So, that’s my update, I look forward to seeing how we might co-create in the near future!

Blessings to you and yours,
Kamala Devi

P.S. Also, let’s continue to connected on Facebook and through my personal Blog! Please take a moment to follow me so we can stay in touch.

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