Sneak Peek of Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires The Arts Of Love

Kamala Devi contributes to ecosexuality when nature inspires artInterested in the Ecosexuality Movement?

“Where we humans learn from the lover we all share [Earth] to love beyond genders, numbers, ages, races, orientations, origins, species, and biological realms to embrace all of life as a partner with important and enduring rights.”

No other book brings together so many aspects and voices as this new collection by SerenaGaia and Lindsay Hagamen. 

Along with a beautiful bouquet of Authors find out how!  Contributions from Deborah Anapol, Kamala Devi, Charles Eisenstein, Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, and many others. . .

This book poses critical questions such as:

  • Is Eros the untapped renewable energy of our time?
  • Can we make love the ecology of life?
  • Can we treat the Earth as a the revered lover we all share?
  • Can we truly create a love-based, sustainable culture?

If you would like a sneak peek of readings from  Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love, Go to this link:

KamalaDevi and Summer Fah at Gay Pride

This book will be available this Summer! We are currently seeking authors to to review and endorse the book. If you are interested, please go to the Contact tab and make sure to connect with us.

For more info about Ecosexuality go to:

Are you Ecosexual? What is Environmentally conscious sex? 

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