14th North American ISTA Conference on Sexuality and Consciousness

sedona temple fundraiser w kamala dev n baba dezI know my purpose on this planet is to help liberate love. And there has been one event that through the years has had the #1 greatest impact on my mission and building the tribe that is needed to do this important work. Which is why I keep going back–every year–To ISTA to evolve the conversation of love on the planet!

This year I’ll be exploring hot new material as I co-present for the first time, with my boyfriend of 4 years! James Schmachtenberger  and I will be looking at enlightened values upon which to base all your relationships, in our workshop: Liberate your Love Life!

Whether you want to meet your next mate or seed your next creative project you won’t want to miss this special gathering which brings more than a decade of leading edge education on sexuality and consciousness to a new level.

From Friday May 22 to Sunday May 24, 2015, experience 3 full days of Global Leaders and Teachers sharing their wisdom with you.

At this amazing weekend conference you’ll learn vital knowledge about:

  • How to make sex, consciousness and love synchronous
  •  New ways of relating that shatter ineffective relationship paradigms
  • Keys for activating and building real sexual power
  • Best practices used by the sexual masters
  • Transformational processes for deepening consciousness

ISTA is on a quest to generate more-love, deep-connections and happy vivacious lives.
Gifted teachers, will divulge legendary and thought-provoking steps They’ve taken to bring conscious loving to the mainstream. Join us for 3 days in sunny San Diego to drink-in the knowledge of these extraordinary people who are transforming cultures & life as we know it.

For the first time in Canada, Monde Osé, Canada’s leading sexy entertainment company, has stepped up to bring Sacred Sex Education to the North East.

The conference will be centrally located in beautiful downtown Montreal at the Best Western Europa, an affordable option for all our international speakers.

This is an exciting opportunity to meet like-minded people, expand your knowledge and consciousness, and learn about new tools that will support more fulfilling relationships and life experiences.

The mission is to bring love and healing back into our communities through quality education and heart touching experiences.



Baba Dez Nichols–ISTA and Conference Founder


Ma Premo–Pioneer in Tantra, Sacred Sexuality and Goddess Rites

Tom Kaypacha Lescher–Astrologer and Spiritual Leader

Laurie Handlers–Tantric Master and Intimacy Coach

International Speakers Confirmed:

Crystal Dawn Morris–Sedona, Arizona

Kamala Devi–San Diego, CA

Araminta Barbour–Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Ayanna Mojica–Encinitas, California

AND MORE….Tickets: Available at: https://www.microspec.com/tix123/eTic.cfm?code=CSC2015


Kamala Devi will also be attending the  Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience – 7 day all inclusive transformational retreat afterwards

More info:


The Sexual Renaissance is a cultural movement with a renewed interest in the art of Sacred Sexuality and the ancient studies and attitudes regarding the power and potential of Sexuality as a Spiritual practice.

About ISTA:
Over the past 10 years, ISTA have successfully undertaken a monumental task to bring the worldwide Sacred Sexuality Community together. ISTA is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 and is co-operated by a dedicated group of teachers in an Advisory Circle. Our North American ISTA Advisory Circle representative is Crystal Dawn Morris.

ISTA: International School of Temple Arts is committed to raising awareness in sexuality & consciousness across the globe to:

1) Grow community with a peer-to-peer network,
2) Offer conferences and trainings in all aspects of business to practitioners and teachers, and
3) Provide resources in the form of business tools and collaborations for the emergence of Temples.

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