My Credo (or Top 10 Beliefs) on Sex, Love and Ultimate Reality!

Kamala Devi buddha prayerˈkrēdō –noun. A statement of the beliefs or aims that guide someone’s actions.

My Credo by Kamala Devi, Spring of 2015

10. Ultimate Reality, which is God lives through me, you and every living creature, blade of grass and grain of sand.

9.When I tune into the animating force within me, through my intention and breath, I have direct access to the source of all of existence. Sexual energy is the ultimate accelerator of this channel.

8. My deep heart opens in proportion to my ability to accept myself and others as they are. This principle guides me to love more while maintaining balance in my values for truth, freedom, creativity and kindness.

7. The brilliance of my mind is that it runs both creative and destructive programs which I consciously question and de-identify with, in order to apply it’s power towards the greatest good.

6. My vital physical body radiates a deep non-verbal wisdom whose impulse is homeostasis, healing and pleasure.

5. I orient my life around my values and intend to live as congruently as possible because my thoughts, words and actions make a difference in the world. Everyone I magnetize is part of my ministry. I practice non-violence, minimizing my consumption and maximizing my consideration for all sentient beings on-goingly.

4. I am devoted to helping humanity shift into a higher order of evolution. I am the embodiment of immense creativity. I am capable of thinking, feeling and doing things that have never been experienced before. I offer my creativity as a gift back to the wold that created me.

3. The universe gives us as much blessings as we are willing to use on her behalf.

2. I am inextricably connected to a global community of enlightened beings who stand for truth, beauty and liberation. I offer my support and sisterhood to a vision that is exponentially greater than anyone one of us could dream alone.

1. Gratitude is the cosmic multiplier to the perception of everything good. As such, I thank God, humbly, and often.


Kamala Devi's one woman show: sacred slut

Credits: I want to thank my friends, lovers, family, spiritual teachers and even haters who continue to help me crystalize my belief system. (Deep bow to Michael, Daniel, Roxanne, James, Rachel and Devin.) Writing and re-writing my credo has been an annual introspective practice for over 2 decades, inspired Robert Fulghum who wrote “All I ever needed to know i learned in Kindergarten”

“Each spring, for many years, I have set myself the task of writing a personal statement of belief: a Credo. When I was younger, the statement ran for many pages, trying to cover every base, with no loose ends. It sounded like a Supreme Court brief, as if words could resolve all conflicts about the meaning of existence. My Credo has grown shorter in recent years—sometimes cynical, sometimes comical, sometimes bland—but I keep working at it. Recently I set out to get the statement of personal belief down to one page in simple terms…Living it, well that’s another story…”

Since this is my 40th birthday, I decided to share my credo publicly and hope to inspire you to do the same. I welcome your Likes, shares and comments!  Thank you.

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Photo by: Julie Kondor: Kamala Devi in her one woman show: The Sacred Slut Series.

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