10 outrageous Love letters to my beloved Husband, Michael on his Birthday.

KamalaDevi n Michael in TurkeyWriting love letters can be a spiritual practice. At the Mystery school in Holland we learned that in order to approximate the immensity of outrageous love, we must wildly exaggerate our words, either through verbal appreciation, love letters, or little love notes. In the spirit of this new teaching, on my Husband’s 51st birthday, I’m posting 10 little love notes along with fun photos from our recent travels in Europe. I hope it inspires you to make an outrageous act of love Today!
10) Beloved,
You touch me.
Your words and way in the world excites something under my skin.
A sensation akin to massage or sexual stroking. Just thinking of your presence stimulates a sensual surrender who’s only impulse is to serve love. The big love. To contribute pleasure to the whole field of love. Your existence expands the potentiality of my ecstatic yes. You being you, touches me.
Love, KamalaDevi
  9) Working on a Relationships can be an uphill struggle. Michael McClure and I have spent several months on a metaphoric Mountain climb. Neither of us have ever been this far, and didn’t know what to expect. We’ve had to lean on each other, take turns carrying the baggage, and sometimes double back to rest. But we are now getting a glimpse at new vistas. And I’m happy to report: The view is stunning. The reward to all this risk is beyond worthy!

8) I love everything about him. Even the stuff I judge. I often run stories in my head (which are born of my own insecurity) about how he’s too practical or sensitive; or not complex or serious enough. In truth, he is my perfect fit. He grounds me in the material world and teaches me kindness; he simplifies life and makes everyone laugh. Michael McClure is the best decision I ever made. I love my life partner.

KamalaDevi n Michael Dinner7) There is no temple, book or teacher –of love– that is more profoundly insightful for me than you. Our dynamic relationship is a perfectly tailored curriculum of embodied wisdom that forces my heart into quantum expansion. You are my lord, my life partner, and the love of my life.

6) My 2nd awakening struck shortly after getting the call to travel India. Despite my insistence on going alone, Michael insisted on taking the pilgrimage with me, forever liberating me from the illusion that God is more readily found in some ancient temple, than in the eyes of the beloved before me.

5) Michael McClure, You are my North Star. Periodically throughout my mission to chart new territories, there are times when I feel lost at sea, but I am blessed because I can always count on your bright light to guide me.

4) Beloved, you have so many qualities that I admire and learn from, every day. I am amazed at what good care you take of your body, how focused you are at work and how present you are with the family. I love how balanced you are. Loving you makes me a more well-rounded woman.

KamalaDevi n Michael in Paris3) I dreamt I had a husband who serenades me and we lived in a house by the beach and a happy circle of lovers stop by to visit and play–Then I woke up and realized– I am living that dream.

2) You are my king. I couldn’t see it at first, I was a Domineering self indulgent Queen….but it’s lonely ruling alone.

1) Beloved husband of 13 years,
Every day we spend together, our love grows wiser and deeper. I’m so blessed to be in an evolutionary partnership with you. I don’t want to waste another second of my life taking you for granted. I am hereby re-committing to always seeing your brilliance…which is actually hard to miss, since you are such a creative genius!

I love you– Outrageously,

KamalaDevi McClure

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