Happy 4th Polyversary to my Beloved girlfriend Roxanne from Kamala Devi!

Dearest Roxanne,

There are 4 directions, 4 sacred11390293_10205328934675781_8027310963169292544_n elements, 4 seasons, and 4 full years that I’ve been passionately in love with you. In numerology, the #4 offers strength and stability, which we have in spades. In fact, if you count both our husbands, the 4 of us make a solid nucleus of an expanding “poly-cule” of lovers. I want to credit the generosity of our life partners as the principle reason that we’ve been able to sustain such hot fantasy festivals on Fridays!

Today, I celebrate that our tantric– sapphic–kinky–poly–love affair has taken another trip around the sun! And together we keep growing stronger, deeper, wiser and dare I say, more creative! Reflecting on this past year, I marvel at how you helped me celebrate my 40th, navigate a deep break up, and draft our first novel: “52 Fridays with my Bitch.” Meanwhile, you’ve become a wife, a budding entrepreneur and embraced a sweet new girlfriend in the last 4 months. Roxanne, I am in absolute awe at how gracefully you continue to escalate your love with each of your 4 lovers, we keep falling further in love with you. You are by far the most dynamic and magnetic muse I’ve ever known. And though the reasons why I love you are infinite, here are 4 sets of 4 pictures of us together to accompany my:

Top 10 reasons why I love Roxanne DePalma:

#10.She is genuinely interested in learning about different race, gender, religion and sexual orientations. She has a warm, sweet way of accepting people’s differences and bringing out our common humanity.

#9. Roxanne makes people smile. She has the uncanny ability to brighten the day of everybody she comes into contact with. It may seem simple, but it is a profound mission at which she is very accomplished.


#8. Roxanne knows that ‘All the world is a stage’ so she doesn’t wear clothing–she wears costumes! Even before she became a performance artist, she always had a flair for dressing! She makes any occasion more fun with her stockings, bows, gloves and polka dot lingerie!

#7. Roxanne is a window into the superconsciousness. She has the most colorful, insightful, quirkiest dreams and shamelessly passes them around without attachment as if they were comic strips from yesterday’s newspapers.

#6. Roxanne has an enormous heart! She generously overflowing with love and makes me, Meagan, Summer and her beloved Daniel feel so abundant about sharing her with the world!

#5. Roxanne’s laughter is infectious. Dubbed, “the giggling Goddess” by Charles Muir, Roxanne has a way of seeing humor in everything, and bringing light to even the most awkward and uncomfortable moments. What a gift!

Kamala devi and roxanne magic 2


# 4. You know how Brother’s Grimm bedtime stories are too dark and gruesome to be appropriate for kids? Well, Roxanne’s fairy tales are too dirty and Nasty to put anyone to sleep.

# 3. Roxanne feels good in her body…And she empowers other people feel good in their bodies too. Whether it’s yoga, pole dancing, sculpt or working out at the gym… she role models what it means to be sensual, healthy and fully alive!

KamalaDevi n Roxanne polyversary 4

# 2. Roxanne is a food artist. People say Love is the secret ingredient for delicious cooking. Roxanne puts so much heart into her vegan creations and feeds her body and her lovers with so much joy.

#1. Because her existence on planet Earth, here, now, over the course of all human history, is a seemingly impossible event in itself, but that my equally improbable life events have positioned me perfectly to meet such a woman–who compliments my heart and body and optimizes the evolution of my spirit– is an undeniable miracle!

Happy 4th Polyversary, to My Bitch! (On June 13th, 2015)

In Love, Kamala Devi

P.S. A Warm embrace and gratitude you to your girlfriends: Summer and Meagan for sharing you so well. :)

Roxanne and girlfirends.jpg

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